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Home news Meet Owen Christian Eimers - Model Marloes Horst and Nick Eimers' Son

Meet Owen Christian Eimers - Model Marloes Horst and Nick Eimers' Son

terry Published On Mon Jul 10 2023   Modified On Fri Jul 14 2023
Meet Owen Christian Eimers - Model Marloes Horst and Nick Eimers' Son

Owen Christian Eimers is the son of supermodel Marloes Horst and Netherland-based barber Nick Eimers. He is a lovely celebrity kid and a lucky one to be born into such a good family. 

Owen's parents are not yet married but have been living together since before his birth.

Let's know more facts about him. 


Owen Christian Eimers was born on May 23, 2021, and his birth sign is Gemini. He has blue hypnotizing eyes.

His birth date was published on the Instagram of his mother Marloes Horst sharing his first photo after his birth.

Owen's First Photo

On November 12, 2020, Marloes and Nick confirmed their pregnancy through the ultrasound picture on their social media which is technically Owen's first picture. 

Marloes Horst and Nick Eimers' holding the ultrasound picture of Owen Eimers.

Their excitement and emotions can be clearly seen on their faces. Looks like they were planning the baby. At this moment, their dream has come true. 

Parents' Relationship

Owen Christian Eimers' parent's relationship is going strong since they have been dating and now they are living together with him. Their relationship has grown stronger since they were pregnant.

Owen Eimers has created more joy in his parents' life.

Owen's mother used to date British actor Alex Pettyfer from 2014 to 2016 before his dad but they amicably broke up because of their work schedule. 

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Parents' Net Worth

Owen Christian Eimer is born into a very affluent family. His mother Marloes Horst is a supermodel and has a net worth of $5 million. Her earnings come from different brand endorsements and as a runaway model. 

Owen's father Nick Eimers has a net worth of $1 million. He is the owner of Haar BarBaar the only hair salon based in Amsterdam.

Mother's Pregnancy

Owen was born healthy and big. You should look at the pregnant photos of Marloes to see how stretched her belly was when he was inside.

Owen Eimers' mother Marloes Horst shared this picture of her pregnancy.

Horst shared this picture as a reminder of her pregnancy and the journey of motherhood. She becomes nostalgic sometimes.

His First Christmas

Owen's first Christmas was really important for the Eimers family and that left no stone unturned to make it special. 

Owen Christian Eimers Christmas Photo.

The family shared a funny picture of Owen holding a bottle of wine on Christmas night. Looks like, they can't wait till their son gets an adult.

Busy Being Cute

Owen Eimers is currently busy being cute only. He is been taken care of and his school days are not starting soon. His only job is to be cute and happy. 

Owen Christian Eimers is cute and playing with his parents in a pool.

He is getting proper time from both of his parents and Horst is taking him everywhere she went. 

His family is lovely.

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