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Maverick Paul Walker - Caleb Walker's Son Named After His Brother Paul Walker

terry Published On Thu Jun 22 2023   Modified On Tue Jul 04 2023
Maverick Paul Walker - Caleb Walker's Son Named After His Brother Paul Walker

It's been a decade since Fast & Furious star Paul Walker died in a horrible car crash but his fans and family still miss him. This was an unfortunate event when his good friend was driving Rogar Rodas was driving the car between 130-151 km per hour on 30 November 2013. 

After his death, Paul's brother Caleb and Cody Walker finished his unfinished work in the Fast & Furious sequel because of similar appearances. 

On August 18, 2017, Caleb Walker with his wife Stephanie Branch gave birth to a boy and named him Maverick Paul Walker after his brother's name Paul Walker VI. This is probably the biggest respect given to Paul after his saddening death.

So, today we are going to talk all about Caleb Walker's Son Maverick Paul Walker. Here is every detail about him from before his birth to till date.

Maverick's First Photo

Maverick's father Caleb shared his first picture before his birth. Yes! you read right, before birth. 

Caleb shared the picture of his mother's ultrasound monitor when he was two weeks due for birth.

Maverick Paul Walker Inside His Mother's Belly

His father was so excited to welcome this little guy into his life. 


Maverick Paul Walker's birthday is August 18, 2017. His father and mother were very happy to give birth to a healthy baby and share their excitement on social media holding them in their arms. 

Of course, holding your baby for the first time is emotional and exciting on so many levels. 

Photo of the day Maverick Paul Walker was born.

His father Caleb mentioned he loved his wife more than ever for giving birth to their son. He thought he couldn't love his wife more than this day.

Introducing Maverick to Their Dog

Walker family has a black dog in their home named Snoop which is a pretty funny and smart name selection. We can just call him Snoop Dog.

After bringing Maverick from the hospital, they were quick to introduce him to their dog Snoop and their pet took it very positively and already guarding him.

Maverick Paul Walker with his pet dog Snoop.

It looks like he's got a friend since his entry at home.

Grandfather - Paul Walker III

Maverick's grandfather Paul Walker III, father of Caleb Walker, Cody Walker, Amie Walker, and Ashlie Walker was also very excited to hold the newest Walker family to his home and life.

Paul Walker III, Maverick Walker's Grandfather Holding Him in His Arm.

This moment was very precious for the Walker family head because a loss of a son has been somehow replaced by a grandson. He looks so emotional.

Vin Diesel Came to See Him

Vin Diesel was a very good friend of his late actor uncle Paul and his family. Since Maverick is a Walker family member and named after Paul, Diesel was emotional and excited to see him. 

Vin Diesel Came to Meet Maverick Paul With His Daughter Pauline Sinclair.

When Vin came to visit Maverick, he didn't come alone but brought his daughter Pauline Sinclair too to greet him. By the way, Maverick calls him Uncle Vin. 

Mav also got a big sister Pauline to take care of him until he is on his own. Family friends are the best.

First Birthday Celebration

First birthdays are always special for kids and their parents. Maverick also celebrated his first birthday with his family and there was a cake too. 

But he dived his mouth into the cake before cutting it. Kids, Right? They have their own way of celebrating everything.

Maverick Paul Walker on his first birthday.

One-year-old Maverick loves to smash cake and dive his mouth in it. 

First Day at School

Maverick already started pre-school and he was happy than ever. Unlike, most kids who cry on the first day at school, Mav was very much excited. 

The only thing he was worried was about the food his mother packed him for school. He is really an outgoing child. 

Also, he posed with swag before beginning his first school moment. 

Maverick Paul Walker's first day of preschool.

Just look how happy he is.

Sibling - Everly Grace Walker

Maverick is a little big brother to his cute sister Everly Grace Walker who was born on 5th January 2022. He loves the idea of being a big brother and is proud of her sister.

Maverick Paul Walker with his little sister Everly Grace Walker.

Mav's mother Stephanie shared that he can't keep her hands off her and loves to snuggle her all the time. Their family looks even more beautiful after the arrival of this little angel.

Mav's Parents' Relationship

Maverick Paul Walker's parents Caleb Walker and Stephanie Branch are one of the best couples. They married on October 20, 2013, in a private ceremony with only a few friends and family members. 

Mav's parents' relationship and bond grew even stronger after his birth and increased more after Everly's Birth. 

Maverick Paul Walker's Parents' Stephanie Branch and Caleb Walker's Marriage.

His parents have equally dedicated time, effort, and love to raise their both kids. They are spending more family time, probably more than any Hollywood couple. 

Uncle and Aunts

Maverick has two uncles and two aunts from his father's side. His uncles are the Late Paul Walker IV after whom he is named and Cody Walker.

His aunts are Amie Walker and Ashley Walker. 


Walkers are a large family and Maverick got so many family members. Let's see how many cousins of Mav we know already. 

Meadow Rain Walker - She is the elder cousin of Mav and the only daughter of Paul Walker with his former partner Rebecca Soreta.

Maverick Paul Walker has a huge family. Photo of him with cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, and grandparents.

Remi Rogue Walker, Colt Walker, and Paul Barrett "Bear" Walker - These three are Mav's cousin and children of his uncle Cody Walker and his lovely wife Felicia Knox. Paul Barrett "Bear" Walker is also named after his late uncle Paul.

Caitlin Ashlie - She is the daughter of Mav's aunt Ashlie Walker with her undisclosed previous relationship. Ashlie is currently married to Jeffery Herod and has a son with him whose name is undisclosed too.

We know there are more cousins of Mav but they are keeping down low on public appearances. We will notify you as soon as we get the confirmation.

Parents' Net Worth

Maverick's father Caleb  Walker has a net worth of $3 million which he earned as a movie producer and actor. 

His mother Stephanie has a net worth of $300,000. 

Uncle Paul Walker's Net Worth

Maverick's late uncle Paul Walker had a net worth of $25 million at the time of his death. His biggest source of earnings was the Fast & Furious franchise.

He had a beautiful home in Santa Barbara, which is currently being used by renters for $6200 per month.

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