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Rebecca Soteros - Mother of Paul Walker's Only Daughter Meadow Rain Walker

admin Published On Thu Jun 29 2023   Modified On Tue Jul 04 2023
Rebecca Soteros - Mother of Paul Walker's Only Daughter Meadow Rain Walker

Rebecca Soteros was living a private life until her popular former boyfriend and her baby father Paul Walker's untimely demise from a horrible car crash shocked the world. 

The Fast & Furious star's death triggered millions of questions about him and most of them were about his family members. 

Paul Walker was unmarried and was dating 23 years old Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell at the time of his death and people start wondering who might be the mother of his then 15 years old daughter Meadow Rain Walker

Back in the Late 90s When Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros Were Dating.

After that, the name Rebecca Soteros was published in almost all the newspapers and websites in the world. 

Daughter - Meadow Rain Walker

Rebecca Soteros is the mother of model Meadow Rain Walker with her late actor Paul Walker who became extraordinarily popular with Fast & Furious Saga. 

She gave birth to Meadow on 1998, November 4 in Northern California.

Her daughter is now grown up and working as a model who has worked for various brands like Givenchy, Y/Projects, and Tiffany & Co.

Rebecca Soteros Daughter Meadow Rain Walker.

She has walked for designers like Gabriela Hearst, Jean Paul Gaultier Couture by Glenn Martens, Anna Sui, and Alexander McQueen and has been featured on the cover page of POP, Vogue, and RE-EDITION.

Daughter's Wedding

Robecca Soteros' daughter Meadow Walker already married actor Louis Thorton-Allan in the last week of October 2021 in a fairytale-style destination wedding. 

Since Meadow's father was dead, her godfather and close friend of her father Vin Diesel walked her down the aisle and give her away to her husband Thorton-Allan.

Rebecca Soteros' Son-in-Law and daughter Meadow Rain Walker.

One thing though, there is no evidence of Rebecca Soteros attending her daughter Meadow Walker's wedding. Maybe things are a shower between them. 

Son-in-Law - Louis Thorton-Allan

Soteros' son-in-law Louis Thorton-Allan who married her only daughter is also an actor. 

He is the actor and producer of the 2017 movie Exorciated.

Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker

Soteros and Walker's first meeting has never been confirmed but it is confirmed they were dating in 1997. Both were young, Paul 25, and Rebecca 23 living in California. 

In 1998, Soteros was pregnant with Walker's baby and this is when their relationship got complicated. Upon getting pregnant, she was expecting Paul to propose to her for marriage but he had different views regarding the matter. 

Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker when they were dating.

At the time, Paul was a struggling actor doing low-budget movies debuting in Monster in The Closet in 1986. After that, he did The Retaliator in 1987. 

Maybe, Walker wanted to focus on his career at that time rather than his new married life or he never wanted a married life. At the time of his death too, he was dating Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell for seven years but never purposed to her. I think he never wanted to marry.

No Record of Dating After Paul

There is no record of Soteros anybody after her popular romance with Walker. 

Not only that Meadow Walker is the only child she had ever. 

But Paul Walker has a record of dating Aubrianna Atwell and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosness after her.

Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker Were Happy Together.


Rebecca was born on November 14, 1974, in the United States. Her birth sign is Scorpio. 

Soteros' Parents and Siblings

Soteros' parents were Mark Soteros (Father) and Julie Ann Soteros (Mother). She has a single sibling, brother Joshua Soteros.

Break Up and Moving Out of California

After the birth of Meadow Rain Walker, Soteros wanted to marry and start a new life with Paul but it didn't happen. 

When Rebecca realized that Pual have no intention of marrying her at the time, she broke things with her and went to Hawaii taking her daughter with her. 

Let her Daughter Live With her Father After 13

Rebecca Soteros raised Meadow in Hawaii until she was thirteen years old. When her daughter Meadow expressed her want to live with her father when she was twelve, she agreed that next year she can live with her father in California. 

Rebecca Soteros' daughter Meadow Walker and Baby Father Paul Walker.

Meadow then moved to permanently live with her father Paul Walker in his1,147 square feet Santa Barbara home. One of the reasons she wanted to live with her father besides love could be her attraction to Hollywood. 

After the death of her father, the house is being currently rented at $6,200 monthly. 

Soteros' Baby's Father Left His Estate to Her Daughter

Rebecca Sotero's former lover and baby father Walker left all his estate worth $25 million at the time of his death to their daughter Meadow Rain Walker whose net worth is now $50 million. 

Rebecca Sotero's Baby Father's House.

Paul didn't even leave a single penny to his girlfriend at the time Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell of his death who dated for seven years. He had signed the will in 2001 which states, his father will be the executor of his state until his daughter comes of age. 

Alcohol Addiction of Rebecca

Soteros had become an alcoholic while she was living in Hawaii. It is said that she was becoming a problem to Meadow because of her alcohol-abusive habit. 

Rebecca's habit came to highlight in Meadow's custody battle between her and Cheryl Walker, Paul Walker's mother.

Meadow's Custody Battle

After the death of Paul, Meadow's grandmother Cheryl Walker wanted to keep custody of her granddaughter from her first and deceased son. But Rebecca wouldn't agree because she wanted to take custody of Meadow herself.

Cheryl then takes the issue to court against Rebecca for her two DUI incidents. She had a strong case because it is hard to get custody of a kid if a parent is an alcohol abuser. 

The case went back and forth for some time and finally, Cheryl gave two options to Soteros. Cheryl agreed to take the case back and give custody of Meadow to Rebecca if she stops drinking alcohol and completes the alcohol rehab program and moves back to California. 

Soteros agreed to those conditions and it became a win-win for both of them and Meadow.

When She was Younger

It's a known fact that Soteros graduated high school in 1992 from California. 

Picture of Rebecca Soteros When She Was Young.

While she was in love with Walker and pregnant with her baby, she was working as a teacher. 

Net Worth of Rebecca

Rebecca Soteros has a net worth of just $500,000 which is very much small considering she is a member and a mother in the Walker family. 

It's unclear what job she was doing when she was in Hawaii but in California, she was in a teaching profession. In Hawaii, she was working for a private firm but not her own business. 

Helping her Daughter Now

Currently, Rebecca is non-alcoholic and was staying with her daughter before her marriage to Louis Thorton-Allan. 

It's an open secret that she was helping her daughter run the Paul Walker Foundation.  

Her Baby's Father Was Honored In Many Ways After Demise

Rebecca Soteros' baby father Paul was honored by many people in their own way after he was killed in a car accident. 

Paul's both brother Caleb Walker and Cody Walker honored him by giving their sons his name. 

Caleb named his son Maverick Paul Walker and Cody named his son Paul Barrette Walker.

Her daughter also honored her father by founding Paul Walker Foundation which helps poor people and students worldwide in Paul's name. She also did a cameo in Fast X to honor him.

Rebecca Soteros' Daughter in Premiere of Fast X Where She Did Cameo.

The Fast & Furious franchise team honored Paul and produced "See You Again" remembering him.

Rebecca's Daughter Has Grown Up to be Beautiful

Soteros' daughter has grown up to be a beautiful woman. She is lean but maintains her style.


Rebecca Soteros has a height of 5 ft and 5 inches.

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