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More Than 20 Facts About Meadow Rain Walker - Late Paul Walkers Daughter

terry Published On Wed Jun 28 2023   Modified On Tue Jul 04 2023
More Than 20 Facts About Meadow Rain Walker - Late Paul Walkers Daughter

Model Meadow Rain Walker, daughter of Late actor Paul Walker was just fifteen years old when her father died in that horrible car crash. 

Most people remember Meadow only as the daughter of a famous actor but she is much more than that. Despite the tragedies, life moves on, and Meadow has grown up to be a hard-working, independent, outspoken, mature, and family woman. 

Find out the facts about Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Rain Walker.

Net Worth

Meadow Rain Walker is super rich with an estimated net worth of $50 million, half of which was inherited from his father's estate. 

Paul Walker, her father has left his huge $25 million estate to her. In his will signed in 2001, he left all his property to Meadow and put his father Paul Walker III as an estate executive and mother Cheryl as a legal guardian for his daughter.

A fan of Paul Walker taking posing for a picture outside Meadow Walker's House.

Her father didn't even leave anything for his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell whom he was dating for seven years. 

Meadow herself has earned around $5 million from her modeling and social media campaign.

$10.1 Million Settlement 

In 2016, Meadow Walker was awarded a $10.1 settlement from the estate of Roger Rodas, who was driving the car when his father died and was partially blamed for her father's death.

Walker's lawyer Jeffrey Milam published out regarding the matter and stated that Roger Rodas state will be providing the settlement of ten million dollars but that's nothing compared to how much Meadow's father would have made from his career. 

Walker and Rodas's family also sued the Porsche company for the defective car at the time but the car company was not blamed for the death of both people.

$2.3 Million From Car Auction

Meadow's father had a huge car collection of twenty-one cars which summed up to $7 million in total.

Auctioned Cars of Meadow Walker's Father.

After her father's death, a few cars were selected for auction which made $2.3 million for her.

House in Santa Barbara

Her father left his 1,1148 square feet house with a great ocean-side view for her after his death. 

The house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a huge garage.

Father's Death

Meadow was just 15 years old when her father died in a brutal car crash.

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were in the Red Porsche Carrera GT, and behind the wheels was Rodas who is a financial advisor and business partner of Walker. The accident happened on Hercules Drive, Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA. 

The accident scene where Meadow Walker's father Paul Walker was pronounced dead.

According to Kristy McCraken, the investigator coroner, the car was at a speed of 100 mph when the driver lost control colliding with a tree first and a light post. The reason for losing control was not clear and the car was nearly split in half. 

Both Walker and Rodas were pronounced dead at the scene but the investigation shows that they actually survived the crash the car burst into flames causing their death.

Paul had planned to visit the funeral of his former girlfriend and best friend Aubrianna Atwell's father David.

Relationship With her Father

Meadow Walker has had a strong bond with her father since she was a kid. Despite the fact, her parents were not married and separated decades ago, she loved her father.

Little Meadow Walker and Paul Walker playing.

She once said that she feels the spirit of her father in the house. She misses him a lot. 

Healed From Brain Tumor

Meadow Walker has a brain tumor on her forehead section. After successful intervention for her doctors, her tumor was removed and she was healthy again. 

In 2021, she posted a two-year-old picture of herself in a hospital and in a medical dress when she was about to go for MRI to scan her brain. 

Meadow Walker's Picture Before Taking Brain Scan.

After the surgery, she said that she has come a long way and she is very blessed and grateful.

Tribute and Respect to Father

The death of Paul Walker showed how much he was loved and respected by everyone. 

First, the Paul Walker Foundation was established in his name and his philanthropic organization had already done projects of over $10 million dollars in very rural and poor places on this planet. This charity has built schools and provided scholarships to many worthy children.

Second,  Paul's two brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker who also completed the remaining scenes of his movie names their kid after him. 

Caleb and his wife Stephanie Branch named his firstborn son Maverick Paul Walker and Cody and Felicia Knox named his youngest son Paul Barrette Walker in Paul's honor.

Other many celebrities like Vin Diesel, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Gal Gadot, and Jason Statham gave tribute to him.

Cameo in Fast X

Meadow herself has a cameo in Fast X as a tribute to her father. Paul Walker would have been proud of her daughter. 

You can see the video above of her cameo meaning and reason.

Who is Meadow's Mother?

The mother of Meadow Rain Walker is Rebecca Soteros who is the former girlfriend of her father in the late 90s. 

Meadow Walker's father Paul Walker and mother Rebecca Soteros.

Paul and Rebecca were dating in the late 90s and Rebecca got pregnant in 1998 when she was 23 and Paul was 25. 

Soteros was expecting that after being pregnant, Walker would propose to her but he didn't. He was not ready to be in a committed relationship. This is known to be the major issue in their relationship and they separated.

In November 1998, Soteros gave birth to their daughter and left for Hawaii to live there permanently. Before that, she was a teacher in California.

Meadow was living with her mother until she turned thirteen and started to live with her father in California after that. 

After the death of her former love, there was a custody battle between Paul's mother Cheryl Walker for the custody of Meadow.

Currently, Soteros is working at a private firm and helps run the Paul Walker Foundation.

Rumors of Vin Diesel Adopting Meadow

There were rumors that actor Vin Diesel, who is a close friend of Paul Walker adopted Meadow Walker after Paul's death. But none of those rumors are true. 

She has not been adopted by Vin Diesel or anybody. After her father's death, her grandmother and mother were her legal parents.

But, Vin Diesel is her godfather and support system.

Engagement and $120k Ring

Walker was madly in love with her boyfriend Louis Thorton. On August 2021, she choose her Instagram to reveal the big news to her fans and family. She also showed the beautiful diamond ring that Louis proposed with.  

Meadow Walker Showing her $120k Engagement Ring.

Mike Fried, the diamond professional and jewelry businessman confirmed her diamond is worth $120k and about 3-4 carats with a platinum ring. 

Marriage With Louis Thorton-Allan

Meadow Walker and her fiance Louis Thorton-Allan did a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic in October 2021. It was a wonderful Caribbean beachside wedding. 

Meadow Rain Walker and Louis Thorton-Allan's Marriage Ceremony.

Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster were present at the wedding who are the co-stars and close friends of her father.

Vin Diesel Walked Her Down The Aisle

Meadow was walked down the aisle by her godfather Vin Diesel and handed in the arms of her husband Louis Thorton-Allan. 

Vin Diesel Walked Meadow Walker Down The Aile.

Diesel has been a father to her since her own father lost his life. 

Admitted Abortion

In 2022, Walker shared the shocking news that she aborted her baby which was kept secret for years. She felt to share this news publicly because of the Supreme Court's order to ban abortion which she felt was a huge injustice to women. 

She stated, "Banning abortion doesn't prevent abortions, it prevents safe abortions".

Meadow Walker's statement on Supreme Court's order to ban abortions.

Walker disclosed in 2020 she went through an abortion and it was a private and personalized matter for her. It was a pandemic and she didn't want to bring a life to this world.

Several celebrities spoke against on this matter including former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.

Political Views

Walker is open to the world about her political thoughts publicly. She is a supporter of the Democratic Party. 

She even posted and celebrated President Joe Biden's win over Donald Trump on her social media in 2020.


Meadow is a smoker and she is not hiding it. She has multiple posts on social media where she is holding a cigarette. Her husband Louis Thorton-Allan is also a smoker.

Brand Endorsements and Fashion Walk

Walker has been endorsed by many different brands and has joined various fashion designers in their fashion week as the main model.

Jewelry designer Tiffany & Co., beauty products manufacturer Givenchy has made her brand ambassadors and fashion partner for a long time.

Meadow Walker is a long time partner of Givenchy.

She has walked for designers like Gabriela Hearst, Jean Paul Gaultier Couture by Glenn Martens, Anna Sui, and Alexander McQueen.

Meadow has also been featured on the cover page of POP, Vogue, and RE-EDITION.

Eating Disorder and Anorexia Concerns

In 2020, her pictures on Instagram raised the concerns of Netizens of the online world that she may have an eating disorder and anorexia. 

She posted a picture of her skinny body when she was in quarantine, in fact when the whole world was inside their house all day where she looked very skinny.

Many flocked to the comment section to know if she was all right. There is no confirmation of Meadow being unhealthy or anorexic but she definitely looked skinny. 

Meadow Walker is thin. 

Walker is known to practice yoga and eat healthy which she told Vogue magazine. This might be the reason she didn't gain much weight. But everything is all right with her and she is healthy.

Bikini Babe

Meadow is the bikini babe for sure. 

She just never backs down from flaunting her amazingly built lean body in bikinis every time. And we surely love to watch.

Has Three Dogs

Walker is the mother of three lovely dogs and two of them are Boston Terriers.

Meadow Rain Walker with her two Boston Terrier.

Her other dog is her husband who is a brown Labradoodle.


Meadow is 1.78 meters tall which is five feet and eight inches.


Meadow Rain Walker's birthday is November 4 and her star sign is Scorpio. She was born in Northern California in 1998.


Her grandparents from her father's side are Paul Walker III and Cheryl Walker and her grandparents from her mother's side are Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros.

Uncles and Aunts

Only her uncles and aunts from her dad's side are known to the public. 

Meadow Walker Family.

Meadow's two uncles are Caleb Walker and Cody Walker and her aunts are Amie Walker and Ashlie Walker.


Walker has a huge family and she has many cousins. 

Her cousins are Maverick Paul Walker and Everly Grace Walker from her uncle Caleb. From her uncle Cody, she has Colt Walker, Remi Rogue Walker, and Paul Barrette Walker.

From her aunt Ashlie, the share has Caitlin Ashlie. It's been said that there are more kids from her aunt but the name is not disclosed.

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