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Home health Reggie Watts Weight Loss - Get All Facts Here

Reggie Watts Weight Loss - Get All Facts Here

prgya Published On Thu Sep 15 2022   Modified On Thu Sep 15 2022
Reggie Watts Weight Loss - Get All Facts Here

Grab All The Facts Related To Reggie Watts Weight Loss Gossip!

Born as Reginald Lucien Frank Roger Watts on March 23, 1972, in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg in West Germany, Reggie Watts rose to fame as a French-American comedian and musician. Also, he is recognized as a beatboxer and an actor who appeared on the IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang!

Reggie is a multi-millionaire acclimating a total net worth of about $3 million. All of his fortunes are collected by being a part of different TV shows and multiple films. In addition, solo albums, collaborative albums, and collaborative songs help him collect a decent amount. 

50 years old comic married status is still blank at this age. Also, he is probably single, but Reggie undoubtedly once noted his girlfriend without her identity in an interview. Moreover, let's find out the facts on his weight loss here.

Did Reggie Watts Drop Out Fat? Get All Facts Here!

Yes, it's true; Reggie Watts had gone through a dramatic weight loss. After his TV appearance with fat loss, he realized he seemed pretty good on the screen with a toned-down body; he then had a nutritionist and a trainer for his better healthy lifestyle. He now has shed 60 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle.

Reggie Watts had gone through a dramatic weight loss.

Reggie Watts before and after weight loss.
Photo Source: Hollywood Mask

According to GQ, Reggie states the reason behind his impressive transformation three years back. He states, ''The last time I was in pretty good shape was when I was maybe 27. I’m 46 now! I was touring a lot before I got the Late Late Show gig and putting on a lot of weight.''

Reggie added, ''I felt like an in-shape guy in a fat suit, and when I would see clips of me performing, I’d be like, Argh, I can move much better than that, and I can look much better than that. I want to feel sexier. So when I got the job, I planned to get a nutritionist and find a trainer.''

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In 2018, talking to GQ, Reggie said he was pretty comfortable with his new look and loved it when people threw positive compliments on his toned body. Recently, Reggie was spotted on The Late Late Show with James Corden, with a good-looking appearance. 

Reggie Watts Journey From Fat To Fit!

As of 2014, Reggie Watts was not as lean as he is now. At the time, he was prey to bad eating and had no diet foods, as noted by Hollywood Mask.

But unfortunately, as Reggie got the job on The Late Late Show and moved to Los Angeles, he noted that he was done with his fat body and wanted to overcome his weight.

Reggie Watts has shed 60 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle.

Reggie Watts has shed 60 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle.
Photo Source: Reddit

Yet, it's not revealed how Reggie changed his mind, but the first thing he had was to change his food habit. For that, he started having organic food delivery from Kore Kitchen in Los Angeles.

Reggie started having baked chicken, steamed broccoli, cod, and wilted spinach as his diet. As long as he changed his diet, he also hired a nutritionist. 

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Also, Reggie kept a fitness trainer, Jorgen De May, and started having his breakfast recipe, just half a cup of water, half a cup of kefir, one scoop of chocolate egg-white protein, a cup of oats, and a hand full of blueberries.

For a change, in the time frame of three years, Reggie, who has just a goal for an eight-pound of weight loss, comes out with 60 pounds of fat loss and puts on 20 pounds of muscle.

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