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Home health Sally Bundock's Weight Loss: Did the News Presenter Really Lose Weight?

Sally Bundock's Weight Loss: Did the News Presenter Really Lose Weight?

Kenshinpark Published On Mon Oct 05 2020   Modified On Mon Oct 05 2020
Sally Bundock's Weight Loss: Did the News Presenter Really Lose Weight?

Here's what you should know about Sally Bundock's weight loss in 2020.

Sally Bundock (nee Jackson) is an English news presenter better known for presenting "The Briefing" on BBC One, World News, and BBC News. The news presenter joined the "World Business Report" back in September of 2000.

Viewers in Europe and International audiences mostly view the morning show. Sally has presented the program. The am hour on BBC One since the early 2000s.

While talking about her background, Sally was born in 1972 in Hertfordshire; the news presenter earned her undergraduate degree from the 'Polytechnic of Wales" and then earned her postgraduate diploma in journalism from the City University London.

Following her PG, the news presenter started working as a financial journalist and presenter, covering business news in the mid-90s when she worked for Bloomberg. World Business Report was launched in September of 2001, and the following year Sally Bundock joined the program. 

While we assume you already know about Sally Bundock's excellent career, we are here to discuss something different. Many people are recently talking about Sally Bundock's weight loss, but did she really lose weight? 

People Are Speculating Sally Bundock Underwent a Weight Loss

Well, there's no confirmation from the news presenter herself, but a lot of people are speculating Sally Bundock underwent a weight loss. This kind of made us curious and to look through all the pictures of Sally and compare old ones with the new ones.

sally bundock weight loss 2020.

Here are the comparison pictures for you, On the left, it's Sally in 2020, while on the right side, It's Sally Bundock in 2018. Two years apart, but the news presenter seems the same, however, her face looks more chiseled now. You guys decide.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

We can see why people are claiming the there are some changes in Sally; however, the transformation is not significant. But since many people are talking about her weight loss, maybe it changed our perception, but it seems, Sally, in fact, lost some weight.

The changes are subtle, the comparison pictures might help you notice the difference, but some couldn't even make the difference even after seeing the comparison pictures. And we will leave this to you know, did Sally Bundcock really underwent a weight loss?

Sally Bundock is Well Aware of Body Weights and Problems They Can Lead To

As we already know, there's no confirmation from Sally Bundock she underwent a weight loss, but the news presenter knows the risk and problems caused by unhealthy body weights.

Be it underweight, or overweight, both the side are full of risk. At the same time, we suppose we don't need to stress the risk of falling into the underweight category, as many already know, but the situation gets worrying when people assume it's okay to be a little overweight. 

But that's the start of all your problem; when you fall into the overweight category, your body starts to accumulate unhealthy fats, which eventually leads to obesity. BMI determines all these, and the scales vary for males and females, but it's advisable to use a proper calculator, as other factors also determine the value like your age and height.

But the point here is that once you fall into the obese category, many health problems start to show up. And our Sally is very all aware of these facts; in fact, she urged her followers on Twitter to check the article by BBC, where the media outlet covered a story claiming, "The majority of adults in the UK are overweight or obese: according to national health surveys."

So, all we can say is, since Sally Bundock knows the risk of falling into the overweight or obese category, we can't deny the fact she likes to keep herself fit and not fall in any of the dangerous categories of the weight chart.

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