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Home news Salma Hayek Reveals 'Screaming' Fight With 'Eternals' Director Chloe Zhao

Salma Hayek Reveals 'Screaming' Fight With 'Eternals' Director Chloe Zhao

Frances Published On Thu Oct 21 2021   Modified On Thu Oct 21 2021
Salma Hayek Reveals 'Screaming' Fight With 'Eternals' Director Chloe Zhao

Salma Hayek Confessed Fighting With Director Chloe Zhao.

Like A Boss diva, Salma Hayek revealed that she got in an intense discussion with the director Chloe Zhao regarding the script of the new Marvel movie. 

In an interview with Elle, along with her co-stars Angelina JolieLauren Ridloff, and Gemma Chan, Hayek spilled the beans about her interaction with Chloe. 

Salma Hayek had a fight with Director Chloe Zhao about the script.

Salma Hayek had a serious discussion with director Chloe Zhao.
Photo Source: Instagram

According to Yahoo, Hayek said that she and director Zhao got really into putting their personal opinions about the script that people outside her house thought they were fighting. At the end of the discussion, both ladies felt that their conversation was the best that they ever had in their respective careers.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals' Trailer 

Daytime Emmy Award winner Hayek said that the Oscar-winning director Zhao is a strong one, and if you had a smart point about something, she could put your opinions forward. Furthermore, she also talks that she was surprised that Marvel approached her for the role. It never came across the actor/director's mind that Chloe and Marvel were watching her skills.

Salma Hayek respects Chloe Zhao as a strong director.

Salma Haye is portraying the role of Ajak in Eternals.
Photo Source: Instagram

55-year-old Salma is portraying the role of Ajak in the latest film of the Marvel cinematic universe, Eternals. She is showing the character as a loving mother. Furthermore, she also can heal and communicate with celestials with a leader trait. 

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