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Here's What You Should Know About Scarlett Moffatt's Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Aug 26 2020   Modified On Wed Aug 26 2020
Here's What You Should Know About Scarlett Moffatt's Weight Loss

Here's what you should know about Scarlett Moffatt's weight loss journey.

Scarlett Moffatt (born Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt) is an English television personality who is best known for her appearance on British reality tv show, 'Gogglebox.' Scarlett, moreover, is also known as presenter from County Durham.

While talking about Scarlett's other projects, the television personality has appeared on a Channel 4 documentary 'The British Tribe Next Door,' alongside her family members. 

We are certain we don't need to stress more about Scarlett, as we all love her for her stint on 'Gogglebox,' and most of us know her from the show. While she makes us laugh with her witty reactions to different TV programs, but recently she shocked her fans with her transformation.

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The Gogglebox star has undergone a massive weight loss recently, let's find out how Scarlett lost so much weight. Let's find out all the secrets to her impressive weight loss.

Scarlett Moffatt's Weight Loss Secret, How Did She Do It?

Scarlett Moffatt, no doubt, wowed her fans after her impressive weight loss. She went from size 18 to 8, however, she admitted her weight loss journey was not any easy. The television personality revealed she took diet pills.

It's not like she did not put any effort to lose weight, she was on constant watch of her personal trainer, and was in Switzerland for her weight loss Bootcamp, to which she didn't have a pleasant experience.

scarlett moffatt weight loss.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Previously The Sun cited her Moffatt's text to her friend, where she describes what she was going through during the Bootcamp. 

Moffatt's text read,

"He [her trainer] worked me to the max . . . had me popping pills and I lost 0.4 of a pound. I said the drugs don’t work and he called me a t*t. Had me in tears yesterday, forcing me to take these tablets that were giving me heart palpitations."

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All her efforts, however, did not go in vain. Well, she achieved what she wanted, lose weight, and on top of that, she came out with a workout DVD which made her fortune. According to the reports, Scarlett profited £100K from her workout video!

Wait! Scarlett Put On Weight Deliberately After Her DVD Came Out, But Why?

This was a complete shock! Scarlett Moffatt, however, had a good reason as to why she put on the weight back again. Well, her workout DVD was a huge success, it's safe to label it with a 'success' tag. Still, the workout DVD received a backlash as people were complaining they didn't lose weight!

scarlett moffatt weight loss.

Back to the previous weight!
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Moffatt recently revealed, 

'I purposefully started putting weight on. I was sort of like, "if I get big again it can't get brought up". I can't have this stigma attached to me about this DVD and people will stop buying it. I think people thought I had been walking and rambling up mountains for six months but it wasn't, I genuinely did just do those exercise but obviously I had to cut out a lot of food from what I was normally eating."

Scarlett further added, 

'I think now that is what I want to try to say to people - "please don't think that you can just own this DVD and then instantly you can lose that amount of weight, it is a lot of pressure and it is a lot of work".'

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