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Home net-worth Somaya Reece Bikini Mode: From Playboy Shoots to Fiercely Erotic Photos

Somaya Reece Bikini Mode: From Playboy Shoots to Fiercely Erotic Photos

terry Published On Sun Jun 18 2023   Modified On Tue Jun 20 2023
Somaya Reece Bikini Mode: From Playboy Shoots to Fiercely Erotic Photos

Bossy Babe Pretty Face lady Somaya Reece is one of the most influential models in Hip Hop world. She is a singer, rapper, model, and businesswoman. What more is there to say?

Today, you will see how she is completely focused on the bright side of living with all that horrible past she endured.

Let's see some of the hottest photos of Somaya Reece in bikinis and lingerie. 

Somaya Reece Near Nude
Somaya Reece Posing for the cover of some magazine.

Yeah! You saw it and your jaws are wide open. I know it. Shut your mouth you pervert. Just Kidding!!

Let's move to another! HaHa

Somaya Reece's Summer in Balcony.

How would you feel if she was your girlfriend and you would be the one to click all her skimpy bikini photos? Heard Somaya Reece was famously single these days.

Somaya Reece Lacy Lingerie.

Reece is giving Rihanna vibes here. Can I tell you a secret?

I found all these pictures on her Instagram. Don't tell anyone.

Somaya Reece in Bed.

Imagine you were taking these pictures of her braless. What would you do? WWYD?

Is it just her or do all LHHNY stars look gorgeous in bikinis? Have you seen Sexxy Lexxy in a bikini

Somaya Reece in Black Swimwear.

Reece rocks it, whatever she is wearing, she can handle it.

Did you know she used to be body shamed for being fat? But, she got motivated and lose weight turning to a size six from eighteen.

Somaya Reece posing for Smooth Magazine.

Smooth pose for the Smooth magazine, ain't it?

This is one of the first photo shoots of Somaya. She was impressive from the beginning, a natural entertainer. 

Somaya Reece's Changed a lot.

Reece has worked hard to make her bikini body what it is today. Once, she was obese and had an eating disorder. Later, she switched to all healthy habits.

She gives much credit to her Get Slim Tea too. But she did one plastic surgery to reduce her breast size.

Somaya Reece Lingerie.

Friends Chandler would say "Could it get any sexier?" if he has seen this picture. Or maybe he has already seen it and is saved on his phone too. Who knows?

Somaya Reece Haloween Costume.

Somaya did a sexy bunny on Halloween. Hugh Hefner would be proud of her.

Also, See another LHHNY star Kimbella Matos in her hot avatar.

Somaya Reece's Mirror Selfie.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who is the hottest girl in Town?

Of course! Somaya Reece.

Somaya Reece doing Playboy Shoot.

God Bless whoever took this picture. 

Somaya Reece on Beach.


This is how rich people pose. Remember it.

Somaya Reece has a net worth of $5 million and she definitely knows how to subtly flaunt it.

Somaya Reece in Red Net Lingerie.

If she promotes it, people will buy it. 

At this point, you are probably wondering how Reece handles it all.

Somaya Reece Steam Bath.

She doesn't care what or which place it is, she is raising the temperature everywhere.

Somaya Reece Kills it.

What should a Boss Lady Do?

Somaya Reece on White Thong.

Somaya Reece rocks in everything. 

Do you know a habit of her? She always delivers a hot picture on her each birthday. Yeah, Yeah! Nearly Nude.

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