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Home net-worth Somaya Reece's Net Worth - A Story of Rags to Riches | Homeless to Millionaire

Somaya Reece's Net Worth - A Story of Rags to Riches | Homeless to Millionaire

terry Published On Mon Jun 19 2023   Modified On Tue Jun 20 2023
Somaya Reece's Net Worth - A Story of Rags to Riches | Homeless to Millionaire

Rapper and Former LHHNY star Somaya Reece is a success story that will melt your heart. She is the perfect example of a person who went from rags to riches. Once she was broke and homeless but now her net worth is $5 million.

Reece now is the owner of multiple businesses and earns from music, acting, and modeling too.

Let's see her net worth details, her earning, and where she spends her money. 

From Rags to Riches 

New York Hip Hop singer Reece has really horrible past but she managed to overcome it. If you really see her current situation you won't truly believe that once she was homeless and utterly broke.

Not only she, but her immigrant parents from El Salvador were also suffering poverty. She broke the chain of poverty in her family generation.

She took her first step toward music which was a quick success, then started to influence people and then took another step forward to reality shows for more earnings.

Somaya Reece on Her Hummer Car. Source: Her Instagram

Now, Reece has a net worth of $5 million and is still expected to grow through her businesses. A few years back in 2018, his net worth was $4 million.

Owns Multiple Cars

Somaya Reece has spent a chunk of her money on vehicles. As you can see in the above pictures of her Hummer car she has also bought a Black Mercedes Benz for herself.

Somaya Reece with her Mercedez Benz.

She already has two cars but has set her eyes on Bentley and mentioned it twice on her social media. She is planning to buy it in either white or black.

Businesses of Somaya Reece

La Jefa has multiple businesses that she runs online. Let's see her products that are getting more customers and good reviews. 

Reece's most successful product is Get Slim tea produce which is really getting market and great testimonials from her customers who are claiming to lose weight faster than ever. She herself too, gives credit to the product for her own weight loss. 

Somaya Reece Promoting Her SLim Tea Product.

Her other successful venture is cosmetic, bath products, and skincare products that target female customers. All these products come under the brand name "This Fits Me" which claims to be all vegan and non-toxic products. 

Earnings from Reality TV Shows

Somaya Reece's first reality TV show was Love & Hip Hop: New York and she was one of the original casts of season one. She bagged almost $15,000 from every episode she appeared. 

In other reality shows Famously Single and First Family of Hip Hop, her salary was approximately $10,000 per episode that she appeared in. 

Did Plastic Surgery

Many Hip Hop female artists are also known for doing plastic surgeries to look like Barbie dolls and doing multiple surgeries but Somaya Reece has gone under the knife only once. 

Other Hip Hop artists and rappers like Nicki Minaj and Kimbella Matos have done plastic surgeries.

Somaya has done breast reduction surgery which cost about $10,000. The main purpose of the surgery was her weight issues and busty figures. 

Somaya Reece Before and After Picture.

Reece has mentioned multiple times that she has been body shamed on a number of occasions and been called ugly. With the help of plastic surgery and healthy habits, she has drastically reduced her weight.

You can see the difference in the Businesses subheading above.

Expenses on Great Bikinis and Lingerie

Reece is living her life and making her daily life like a vacation. She is regularly seen in great bikinis and her signature move is to post a picture in skimpy bikinis.

We have already covered Somaya Reece's hottest pictures in Bikinis.

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