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Somaya Reece Natural Weight Loss Journey - Detoxification and Suitable Motivation

terry Published On Tue Jun 20 2023   Modified On Tue Jun 20 2023
Somaya Reece Natural Weight Loss Journey - Detoxification and Suitable Motivation

Boss Lady Somaya Reece aka La Jefa once had a weight problem, a serious one as per herself. She also had been a victim of body shaming and hatred because of her big size. 

But if you look at her now she has dropped her size from 18 to 6 with a different approach. Not only did she lose weight but now she is an inspiration for thousands of people to whom she aspires and motivates that weight loss is possible if you do it right.

From being fat to being listed in Forbs magazine as a fitness guru, her weight loss journey is difficult but she stays humble. 

Somaya Reece Was Once Overweight and Body Shamed.

Let's go through her mindblowing weight loss journey.

Nearly Died in The Process of Weight Loss

Somaya Reece recalls that in her teenage and the initial years of her musical journey, people around her suggested she should starve to lose weight and look good. Being Naive at that time, she used to starve herself leading to malnutrition and collapsing on a commercial stage. 

At This Point, Somaya Reece Was Starving Herself to Get Thin.

She believed that she was really surrounded by bad people who were suggesting a girl with a 5 ft 10-inch height should starve to look beautiful.

Had Eating Disorder

Reece had developed a severe eating disorder. She believes her relationship with her former abusive boyfriend was the reason she developed this disorder and gained much weight.

Severe Depression Gained Her 60 Pounds Weight

During the season 2 of Love & Hip Hop New York (LHHNY) Reece gained over sixty pounds of weight due to severe depression. She was mocked and humiliated by haters, media people, and trolls everywhere on the internet and TV.  

Somaya Reece Gained More Than Sixty Pounds in LHHNY Season 2.

But Somaya was a fighter and she fought her depression and overweight all naturally. 

Did What Fits Her

There were million times when Reece promised to get fit, stay healthy, and healthy but she failed all the time. She used to see other people who have the target and follow their strategies but nothing was working for her.

Somaya later realized that she was doing it the wrong way. Then she started doing things that fit her and her schedule for weight loss. 

Started Slow

Somaya Reece, after failing multiple times, started her journey slow but steady. 

At first, she did a 15-minute walk to a nearby park and later increased the time to 30 minutes. When she started to feel a bit stronger she started doing stairs too. 

Lost Weight at Home Before Going to Gym

Reece lost 20 pounds at home first before hitting the gym. She felt more embarrassed to present herself without tone and figured body in the gym.

She bought the fitness DVD at home and started doing home workout sessions. She used her smartphone to remind her to drink more water. 

Somaya Reece Body Figure.

Somaya stuck to the routine and lost enough weight to gain confidence to hit the gym. She believes the kitchen is the place where you lose weight and make abs.

Now, she got that great body, she never loses an opportunity to flaunt it in her bikinis.

Detoxification is The Key

Somaya Reece says detoxification helped her body more than anything to lose weight. 

Will all the physical activities that helped her, detoxification gave her body to do more than ever. 

She also started to sell old family secret ingredients for weight loss and started selling "Slim Tea" which is generating more than $2.5 million in revenue per year. 

Reece's net worth is already $5 million.

Mindfulness and a Positive Attitude

Reece practiced mindfulness and a positive attitude which she believes are an integral part of achieving success in anything. 

Somaya Reece is more positive than ever.

Being at peace of mind gives a body more energy and motivation.

Did Plastic Surgery for Breast Reduction

Besides all the natural processes, there is one thing she did to maintain her weight. She went under the knife to reduce her breast size.

Reece has openly accepted and admitted to having done one plastic surgery. There are rumors that she has also done cosmetic surgeries and buttocks too but non of them are confirmed. 

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