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Somaya Reece Has Done Single Plastic Surgery But The Results are Incredible

terry Published On Mon Jun 19 2023   Modified On Tue Jun 20 2023
Somaya Reece Has Done Single Plastic Surgery But The Results are Incredible

Rapper and reality TV star Somaya Reece aka La Jefa has admitted that she has done plastic surgery once. Her time going under the knife decision for breast reduction surgery was actually the right decision for her because the results are transformative. 

Reece body size looks way smaller just after a single surgery that she did in 2011 while she was middle of the Hip Hop reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Because of her plastic surgery, she almost missed half of the show. 

Breast Reduction Done in 2011

Somaya Reece has done a breast reduction in 2011 because her big breast was giving her a real weight problem. 

Somaya Reece's Breast Size Difference in Before and After Picture.

You can see the differences between her before and after photos here. Her breast size looks massive before the surgery but after it looks way smaller than before but the right size for her body.

Reece also lost huge weight with healthy habits.

Body Shamed Before Plastic Surgery

Reece was a rising star and just like she gained her fans, her popularity and sudden success made her some haters too. There was nothing bad to say about her work so the hater turned to body shaming her and calling her things like fat and ugly.

This is one of the reasons she decided to under the knife and transform her body. 

Somaya Reece's Natural Body and Weight Transformation.

Like many other hip-hop stars, she didn't only vow to take minimum surgery but to transform her life through a natural process. 

Reece also drastically loses weight through a healthy lifestyle.

Rumors of Other Surgeries

Fans have speculated that Somaya Reece has done other surgeries than breast reduction because she looks different in the reality show "Famously Single"

People speculated that she has done cosmetic contouring but in a very efficient way. Fans were believing that her plastic surgeon must be too damn good.

 But she has never confirmed it.

Buttocks Surgery Rumors

If you compare Somaya Reece's old pictures and new ones, you will surely believe that she has also done buttocks surgery too as it looks rounder and big. 

The reason behind her perfect bubble buttocks might be her daily exercise and diet routine. She is totally into fitness and healthy eating.

Fans might be thinking it is true because Reece shares too many pictures in bikinis and lingerie.

Somaya Reece's Big Buttocks Made Fans Believe She Did Surgery.

Remember Reece has admitted to only one surgery and has not confirmed any other surgeries. 

With a massive net worth of $5 million, she obviously can do massive surgery but it looks like she has really done it once.

Shared Surgery Experience With Fans

Reece Shared her plastic surgery experience with fans after her breast surgery through her official YouTube channel "Miss Reece Music".

She shared it was painful and she didn't want to see stitches on her body. But overall it was worth it.

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