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Teairra Mari's Net Worth - Broke Since 2019 | Still in Debt and Not Working

terry Published On Fri Jun 23 2023   Modified On Sun Jun 25 2023
Teairra Mari's Net Worth - Broke Since 2019 | Still in Debt and Not Working

Make her Feel Good Singer and Actor Teairra Mari, best known to fans for appearing and being on the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York (LHHNY) has a net worth of less than $10,000. In 2019, she was completely broke and in debt. Before that, she had a net worth of $500,000.

She was signed by Jay Z's record-level Def Jam when she was just 16 and earning from a young age but her finances got out of her hands. 

In her long career, she has become a proper entertainer since she was able to make a mark in acting, TV shows, and modeling too besides singing. But to her dismay, she is still broke.

Teairra Mari is Broke.

Let's see how she is making all that money and spending it. 

Love & Hip Hop Earnings

Lots of Hip Hop stars have bagged a huge amount of money from the LAHH show and so did Teairra Mari. She was making a lot less than other LHHNY stars which was $8,000 per episode. This season was in 2014/15 where she bagged a total of $100,000. 

This salary was way too low and Sexxy Lexxy was making $15,000 per episode from LHHNY. 

$50,000 Pending Lawsuit Charges

2019 was probably the worst year for No Daddy singer Mari as she was full of debt. She was in $50,000 debt when her lawsuit against 50 Cent and her former boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad for porn revenge went south than she expected. 

Teairra filed the lawsuit against 50, for posting porn clips of her as revenge but the court didn't sided with her. After that, she had to pay all the legal fees of $37,000 to 50, but she couldn't pay it and the debt increased by the court to $50,000 for her refusal to pay.

Mari Claimed She Flat Broke

When 50 Cent sent a legal team to her, they find out that Teairra has no source of income. Not only that but she has had no assets and no employment since 2019 and she was living off of a few sponsorships she got from a few companies to post on her Instagram.

She was making income just enough to survive from skincare advertisements. But she was up to make a payment plan to 50.

Literally Made a Song That She Has No Money

While almost all Hip Hop Celebrities are making songs about how rich they are and flaunting their diamonds and gold chains, Teairra Mari literally made a song on how broke she is just to diss 50 Cent. 

In the song, she dissed that 50 is expecting to get the money but she ain't got it. The song is nice actually. 

Flaunting Fake Wealth on Instagram

It's all clear now that Teairra Mari has no money and she is not searching for a 9 to 5 job because she hates it. She wants to do freelancing or big projects only. 

Mari has legally proved she is broke but she can't keep showing off her rich lifestyle and good cars. We all know that it is not hers, but she shows it anyway.

Teairra Mari posing in front of Lamborghini.

Why would she do it if she publically mentioned that she is broke?

You know what she flaunts on her Instagram. Her hot body in bikinis and long legs, probably for good sponsors.

2017: Admitted to Plastic Surgery

Taeirra Mari has admitted to having spent money on her plastic surgery, two surgeries actually. She has confirmed she did Brazillian buttocks lift and liposuction.

Going under the knife for these two acts alone cost Mari about $12,000. But this was before she was broke.

Was not Always Broke

Mari was not always broke. She went completely broke after 2019 when she was not working or selling albums. 

For god sake, she was ranked top ten more than once in the Billboard charts when she was an artist at Def Jam. At the time, her success was noteworthy. 

Later, in life, the financial crisis hit her because of her no so good decisions about her career. 

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