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More Than 20 facts About Teairra Mari - Everything You Need to Know

terry Published On Sun Jun 25 2023   Modified On Sun Jun 25 2023
More Than 20 facts About Teairra Mari - Everything You Need to Know

Love and Hip Hop Star Teairra Mari is a singer, actor, and dancer too, and popular for many reasons both good and bad. Once, she had great success in music and then also did a great job in acting too. 

Later, she was famous for a few infamies like DUI, a celebrity feud, and being broke for not working.

You will get to know more facts about her here.

Net Worth - She is Flat Broke

Sponsor singer Teairra Mari had admitted that she is currently broke with no assets under her name. To be honest, she was broken since 2019. 

Mari had an impressive beginning to her career, releasing an EP when she was 14 and signing a contract with Jay Z's record label Def Jam when she was 16, and topping billboard charts. 

But later, she went broke with a negative net worth because she stopped working. When asked, she was not willing to work nine-to-five work and by then she has already appeared in LAHH, where she was at least earning $8000 per episode which made her $100,000 per season.

She was reportedly supporting her living from minor sponsors of cosmetic products and some designers.

It was also a lot less income for Mari if compared to other LAHH stars and cast.

Still Showing Off That She's Got Money

Mari, despite publically sharing the fact that she is dead broke, still keeps up her game on her Instagram flaunting a very rich lifestyle. 

She is sharing pictures of exotic and expensive cars like Lamborghini and showing a celebrity's life just to prove she is in the game. 

Teairra Mari posing in front of expensive car to show that she is in the game.

Many fans are not believing that all the assets she shows are not hers and didn't bother being blunt in the comments. 

Do you know what else she flaunts? Her hottest legs and body in bikinis.

Relationships Details

Mari has dated quite a few men throughout her life. Some of her relationships are insanely complicated and some are short-lived. First, let's look at her most popular relationship with rapper Ray J who also dated and created one of the most popular scandals with Kim Kardashian. 

On and Off Boyfriend Ray J (2006-2014)

Teairra Mari and Ray J started dating in December 2006 and finally ended their relationship in November 2014. Till 2006, Ray J was dating Kim Kardashian, and their infamous sex tape was recorded in 2004 and came to public attention through Vivid Entertainment in 2007 while Ray and Mari were together.

Teairra Mari and Ray J Dated way back.

From 2007-2009 Mari was dating another rapper Pleasure P Cooper. In 2013, they called off their relationship and patched it up a year later. In 2014, they again called it quit at Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. There are other occasions when these two called it of and dated other people.

Teairra blamed Ray for cheating on her with another LAHH star Princess Love but Ray defended that he dumped her before connecting with Princess. 

There is more drama than this. Actually, Mari had inked a tattoo under her breast with Ray J's name and later removed it. Their breakup was bad because it was live on air when Ray J was seen dumping her stuff on the floor.

Ray said he had to break up with Mari because he felt he was in a toxic relationship. Anyway, this is Teairra's most popular relationship.

Dated Pleasure P Cooper (2007-2009)

Mari was dating Ray in 2006 but in 2007 she was with rapper Pleasure P Cooper whose real name is Marcus Ramone Cooper. Maybe after the Kardashian scandal, her former relationship was over. 

Cooper and Mari dated till 2009.

Dated Lil Wayne

Mari has dated quite a few big names and one of them is rapper Lil Wayne. She dated Wayne for two and a half years but in a very low-key manner.

Teairra Mari and Rapper Lil Wayne.

She only revealed it in the last season of LAHH Hollywood.

Rumors of Dating Rob Kardashian

In 2010, there was a rumor of Mari hooking up with Rob Kardashian.

Dated Laz Alonso

Teairra and Actor Laz Alonzo dated around 2007 and were spotted in a cooking class together, which was apparently a date.

Relationship With Rapper Bow Wow

Mari and rapper Shad Moss aka Bow Wow dated in 2009 when they were working together on the movie "Lottery Ticket" alongside rapper Ice Cube.

The scene from the movie where Mari tried to seduce the rapper is popular and often remembered.

Rumors With Yung Berg

Once there was a rumor circling that Mari gave oral sex to Yung Berg which is not true at all. But Berg mentioned that Mari was hitting him. 

Actually, they are rivals in the show. Later, he revealed that it was Ray J's idea to circulate the rumor.

Dated "Creep Squad" Rapper Cisco Rosado

Mari and rapper Cisco Rosado dated in 2017 and broke up in the same year. 

One time at the show, Rosado blamed Mari for not hanging out with his friends. Eventually, they broke up because it was a bad relationship. 

LAHH cast Somaya Reece has also dated Rosado.

Ex-Boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad

Teairra Mari and Akbar Abdul-Ahad started dating in 2017 and broke up in 2018. 

They broke up but Akbar released the sex tape of him and Mari on Mari's Instagram with some compromising videos and pictures. This created quite a buzz in LAHH and Mari even sued him for that with rapper 50 Cent for reposting it. 

The case was bad for Mari because 50 and Akbar were not indicted in the case.  

Solo Lucci Hook Up

In 2018, Solo Lucci Claimed that he had a threesome with Teairra Mari and Nikki Mudarris. The news caused a big stir on LAHH but Mari and Mudarris outright denied this. 

Despite all these relationship and love life, Teairra Mari has never married and has no kids.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Problems

Mari had a long battle with alcohol and substance abuse in her past. In 2017, she decided to join rehab and transform her life. 

She admitted the rehab therapy was humiliating but she did it anyway. Her alcohol problems have made her arrested multiple times and caused trouble in her life. 

Rivalry With Rihana

Mari was already signed a contract with Def Jam Records but later Rihanna was introduced to Jay Z through music producer Evan Rogers in 2003 and signed to Def Jam. 

Soon Mari and Riri became competitors but it turned to rivalry when Teairra was fired from Def Jam. This was clear that she has been replaced by Rihana which caused a rivalry between them. 

It's been said that Beyonce has a hand in firing Mari because she liked Rihanna personally. Also,  many sources stated that Teairra was full of herself and didn't put in hard work for success.

Teairra Mari and Rihana Were Both Signed in Def jam Records.

Later Mari revealed that she was fired from the record in a very humiliating way. Def Jam didn't even hand her the paper works and didn't even call her to the office to talk. She was just fired over the phone from some staff working there.

She further mentioned she thought of Jay Z as a father figure but in the end, he didn't even care. 

With her own eyes, she had to see Rihanna hit fame worldwide and herself remain a struggling artist. 

Legal Battle and Feud With 50 Cent

Teairra Mari and rapper 50 Cent's feud is going on since 2018 over allegations, lawsuits, slander, libel, character assassination, and money. 

In 2018, Mari having sex with her boyfriend in a compromising position leaked on her Instagram. The culprit was her former boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, who did it for revenge. That's we have a term called "revenge porn". 

But, how did 50 Cent got involved in this? Well, Mari reportedly said that after her tape was leaked, rapper 50 deliberately reposted it. 

She took this matter to court and sued her former boyfriend Akbar and 50 for leaking intimate videos of her and defaming her. But the case became against her instead of being insulted publicly. 

The court sided with rapper Cent and Mari had to pay all the legal fees of Cent's lawyer which was $37,000 and for her ex-boyfriend too, the case was dismissed because she failed to appear in the court. 

Mari Couldn't Pay 50 Cent

LHHNY star Marie refused to pay Fifty Cent and the court added $4000 more as a fine. She still couldn't pay on time and her debt to the rapper has increased to $50,000 in 2019. She still hasn't paid the debt yet.

50 Cent Publing Insulting Mari for Unpaid Debt

As Mari couldn't pay the debt, 50 Cent called out her publicly and humiliating her on social media. He is known for calling out his debtors publically as he has called Bow Wow too.

Arrested for DUI and Assault

A year after all the revenge porn drama in 2019, Teairra Mari again made headlines for recklessly driving her car in New York City while she was heavily intoxicated on alcohol. She was pursued by police officers and booked for DUI.

According to police statements, Mari was driving a red Dodge Charger with a bumper touching the road and shooting up sparks because the front right wheel was gone. It must look like a movie scene for the police. After stopping her, the police requested to step out of her car, but she reeked of booze and can't control herself, and having a hard time even standing. 

Mari was then booked, taken to custody, and trialed. At the time, she was not carrying her driver's license but this incident made her license suspended for six months. 

She avoided jail time but has to do several DUI-related courses like the impaired driver program and victim impact panel. She also had to install a breathalyzer on her car for a year. 

DUI in 2011 Too

Mari pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in 2011 too in Los Angeles. Seems like she has a habit of it. 

Plastic Surgery and Controversies Surrounding

In 2017, Mari was in a feud with her former friend turned foe, LHHNY star Hazel E, who accused of her doing plastic surgery and reminded her fat was leaking from behind.

Mari defended herself but at the same time admitted that she had gone under the knife for liposuction and transferred the fat in her buttocks for Brazilian buttocks life. 

Teairra Mari had very small buttocks and breast before surgery.

Mari further told that it was not fake prosthetics that were leaking but her fat. She returned some slurs to Hazel for doing cosmetic surgery on her face. 

If you look at her older pictures and compare her with her current ones, it looks like she has gone under a knife multiple times. It is possible that she did breast augmentation surgery because a woman with no kids does not grow breast that large.

Ray J Tattoo Story

Teairra Mari and Ray J had a long and complicated love story, in short complicated, on and off, and toxic. 

Mari has tattooed the name of Ray J under her breast, but in 2014 she was done with Ray and decided to remove his name from her skin. 

Teairra Mari's Ray J Tattoo Under her Breast.

If you have watched, it was aired on LHHNY, and there was drama in the air. 


Mari's birthday is December 2, 1987, and her star sign is Sagittarius.


Teairra has a height of 1.56m which is equal to 5 feet 1 and half inches.


Teairra Mari's debut single was "Make Her Feel Good" which topped the Billboard charts and her second single was "No Daddy".

Her first album was Roc-a-Fella Record Presents Teairra Mari

Reality TV Shows

Mari has been cast in two reality shows of the same franchise of Love & Hip Hop. She has appeared on Love & Hip Hop New York (LHHNY) and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (LHHH).


Teairra Mari's debut movie was The Magnificient Cooly-T in 2009, Lottery Ticket in 2010, and The Dempsey Sisters.


Being an actor, singer, and reality TV star, she has a long list of associates. Some of the popular ones are Jay Z, Ray J, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Clifton Powell, Lynn Whitfield, Ice Cube, and Rob Kardashian.

Her LHHH associates are K. Michelle, Nikki Mudarris, Fizz, Lyrica Anderson, Apryl Jones, Safaree Samuels, Moniece, and Princess Love.

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