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BBOD Singer Sexxy Lexxy Net Worth - Raking in Money Through Many Sources

terry Published On Thu Jun 15 2023   Modified On Fri Jun 16 2023
BBOD Singer Sexxy Lexxy Net Worth - Raking in Money Through Many Sources

BBOD (Bad Beauties on Deck) Singer and former LHHNY star Sexxy Lexxy work hard and we all have seen it. She has a net worth of $300,000 as of now and it is growing. 

Lexxy was making $15,000 per episode from her appearances on LHHNY season 2 but she didn't return to the show after this particular season. 

Let's see where she is making money and where she is spending it. 

Bought a Gift to Her Mom

Yes! Sexxy Lexxy bought a brand new Mercedez for her mother and shared how happy her mother was to see her daughter succeed. 

Sexxy Lexxy's mother enjoying her Daughter's Gift.

She rapped the red ribbon on the bonnet of Benz before delivering it to her mother.

A Car for Herself

Lexxy also bought a car for herself and she pretty much loves it. She also talks to her fans while she is in the car, doing live on her social media. 

Even though she can buy stuff she thinks all the material goods are petty. Looks like she has other core values in her life than material success. But she loves money for sure if you listen to her songs. It's all about money!

Sexxy Lexxy posing in front of her car.

If you follow her on Instagram, you might see multiple cars but others are for professional music video shoots. 

Lots of Expenditure on Tattoos

Sexxy Lexxy has lots of tattoos that cover her full back and buttocks. 

She has done more than 100 hours of inking her upper body and parts of her thighs. As she lives in New York, which is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, tattoo artists don't come cheap which is more than $300 per hour.

Sexxy Lexxy is proud of her Tattoos.

Lexxy has spent thousands of dollars inking her body.

Swimwear, Lingerie, and Bikinis

Oh Yeah! You might think undergarments are not much of an expenditure but for celebrities like Sexxy, it costs a fortune and it's their way of living.

On one of her Instagram posts, she claimed that she spent one hundred thousand on her spandex. She might just be bragging but in the case of celebrities, it might be true. You wouldn't believe how expensive shopping celebrities do.

Sexxy Lexxy Loves Pooside.

One thing is for sure, she is s sucker for pool parties and has spent a lot of money on swimwear and bikini. She also loves to pose in lingerie.

LHNNY Earnings

Lexxy also made good money from appearing on LHNNY season 2 where she was bagging $15,000 from every episode. 

This show made her real money, and connections and added more fame to her life.

Earnings From Music

Lexxy is the front woman for BBOD (Bad Beauties on Deck) musical group and she is also a solo artist. 

All her music are available on almost all online subscription platform and the albums are selling on average. 

Brands Endorsements

Sexy Lexxy is also making money from different brands' endorsements. Luckily for celebrities, it's too easy for them to get sponsorship from well-known brands. 

Another LHHNY cast Kimbella Matos is also endorsed by the Fashion Nova brand and makes around $33,000 per year.

Lexxy was also seen promoting the designer clothes of Nene La Shiro designed clothes and Daniel's Leather. She has also promoted makeup products and artists.

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