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Get to Know Sexxy Lexxy - Facts About Former LHNNY Star and Singer

terry Published On Fri Jun 16 2023   Modified On Fri Jun 16 2023
Get to Know Sexxy Lexxy - Facts About Former LHNNY Star and Singer

Sexxy Lexxy whose real name is Alexis Smith is a singer and rapper from the former ladies' Hip Hop band BBOD (Bad Beauties on Deck) with other members like Miss Moe Money, Mona L, and BossLadee. The band is no longer active and all members started their solo careers.

Lexxy and BBOD member Moe Money also participated in Love & Hip-Hop New York (LHHNY) in season two.

Lexxy is a Harlem, New York native. Let's know some of the important facts about her. 

Net Worth

Sexxy Lexxy has a decent amount of net worth which is approximately $300,000. She made her money from LHNNY, her music career, and different brand endorsements. 

Sexxy Lexxy Gifted Mercedez for her mother.

With all that money, she also bought a brand new black Mercedez Benz for her mother. 

Other than that she has been spending all her money on nice clothes but she claims she is not into material wealth. 

Owns a Car

Lexxy herself owns a black car as all her fans know.

She has a habit of going down live from the driving seat of her car.

Twin Kids

Lexxy was one of the happiest people on earth when she know she was pregnant with twin boys in 2020. 

Sexxy Lexxy Son's has grown up fast.

She announced her pregnancy through her Instagram calling herself blessed and reading the most popular pregnancy book "What to Expect When You are Expecting". 

Baby Father - Rell Bugatti

Rell Bugatti is the father (baby daddy) of Sexxy Lexxy's two sons. He too announced the good news of being the father on his Instagram (which is now deleted).  

Rell Bugatti and Sexxy Lexxy on his birthday.

Bugatti expressed that this was the best gift he ever received at Christmas. 


Lexxy with her BBOD member Miss Moe Money joined LHHNY season 2 but she wouldn't return to season 3. 

She was earning $15,000 per episode from the show which was a big revenue for her. 

Miss Moe Money said that they were never official members of LHNNY and never negotiated or signed the contract. 

Love for Tattoos

Lexxy has a great recent love for inking her body and has already covered half of her body. 

Currently, her right buttocks, the side area of her stomach, and her whole back are covered in one giant tattoo. But, nobody knows what meaning that inked design suggests yet. 

Sexxy Lexxy's Tattooed Body.

She has confirmed that she is not done inking her body yet and looking for good tattoo artists in New York.

Love for Poolside Fun

Summer is the best time for Sexxy Lexxy to flaunt her bikini. It is obvious that she loves pool parties and spending time swimming in her best swimwear. 

When all her fans were concerned about why would she spend so much time in the pool, she said that "It's better to stay by the poolside rather than staying by fool's sight", That's quite an insight. 

Arrested in 2012 and their Mugshot Went Viral in 2016

One morning in 2016, Sexxy Lexxy's mugshot was viral on the internet which claimed that she stole some cosmetic products. 

Lexxy personally declared on social media, that it was indeed her. She stated: 

Yes, that is my mug shot floating around on social media today,” Lexxy wrote on Instagram. “Three years ago I was being taunted harassed, and racially profiled by the store’s employee,” claims Lexxy. “Frazzled by his actions, I walked out in a rage with the cosmetics in hand. As a result, I was arrested

Sexxy also apologized to her fans that she was sorry for her actions. 

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