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Victoria Chlebowski: The Talented and Inspirational Partner of Michael Imperioli

terry Published On Tue May 23 2023   Modified On Tue May 23 2023
Victoria Chlebowski: The Talented and Inspirational Partner of Michael Imperioli

Behind every successful man is a strong and talented woman, and in the case of actor, director, and musician Michael Imperioli, that woman is Victoria Chlebowski. 

Although she has often lived in the shadows of her famous husband, Victoria has her own remarkable story to tell. 


Born in 1966 during the Soviet Union era in Russia, Victoria grew up in a Jewish family but later embraced Christianity before transitioning to Buddhism alongside her husband. Her parents, who were natives of Russia, made the decision to move to the United States of America to escape anti-Semitism. 

Despite facing some challenges, Victoria's mother, Raisa Chlebowski, worked in the real estate industry in the late 2000s. 

Life in US

After migrating to the United States, Victoria and her family lived in a modest railroad apartment, which she admits wasn't the most luxurious dwelling. However, her stepfather, Ryczard Chlebowski, a master artisan specializing in panelling and mouldings, collaborated with Victoria on renovating a theater in Chelsea. 

This early exposure to design and craftsmanship would greatly influence Victoria's future endeavors. 

Victoria pursued her education in California, attending a private high school before enrolling at Elite College in the United States. She furthered her studies in art, philosophy, and German in Munich and explored art history at the prestigious Parson and The New School in New York. 

Successful Interior Designer

Today, Victoria Chlebowski is not only an accomplished interior designer but also a successful businesswoman with multiple enterprises under her wing. One of her notable achievements is the establishment of SVE New York, a design company that emerged from her collaboration with Sonya Chang. 

Known for her passion for refurbishing old items instead of buying new ones, Victoria has been involved in numerous restoration projects throughout her career. 

Expanded Business With Husband

Together with her husband, she co-owns a popular bohemian bar located in Chelsea. Moreover, the couple combined their talents to inaugurate Studio Dante, an off-Broadway theater where Michael Imperioli served as a director. 

Despite her dedication to design and business ventures, Victoria has also made her mark in the world of film. She has a role in the 2013 New York noir dramatic thriller titled "Joy de V.," directed and written by Nadia Szold.

Additionally, she has worked as a film producer on projects such as "The Hungry Ghost" and "Circledrawers" and collaborated on a documentary with her husband. 

Husband - Michael Imperioli

Victoria's connection with Michael Imperioli predates their marriage. Although the official story places their first meeting in a bar in the mid-1990s, they actually knew each other since college. 

They eventually tied the knot on September 19, 1996, four years prior to the premiere of the hit TV series "The Sopranos" and five months after their initial encounter. 

Victoria Chlebowski and her husband Michael Imperioli.

In recent years, both Victoria and Michael have embraced Buddhism, attending various teachings and becoming students of the esteemed Tibetan Buddhist lama Namkha Rinpoche. 

Their spiritual journey has brought positive changes to their lives, including increased patience, tolerance, and peace of mind. Michael has praised Victoria for her kindness and the inspiration she brings to their family through her transformation. 

Mother of Three Kids

As proud parents, Victoria and Michael have three children together: Vadim, David, and Isabella. Although Isabella is Victoria's child from a previous relationship, she has been an integral part of their family for most of her life. 

Troublesome Kids

It is worth noting that one of Victoria's sons has faced legal troubles, having been arrested for spray-painting in November 2016 and charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree. 

This incident followed a three-year probation period in California for vandalism and aggravated burglary. 

Net Worth

While Michael Imperioli's net worth stands at around $20 million as of 2022, Victoria Chlebowski has an estimated net worth of $100,000. T

ogether, they have made significant real estate investments, including placing their Chelsea walk-up on the market for $5.5 million in July 2010, which eventually sold for $4.15 million after several re-listings and price cuts. They also purchased a mixed-use space at 499 Canal Street for $2.4 million in 2007. 

Now residing in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Santa Barbara, California, Victoria and Michael have built a life together for over two decades. 

Despite her husband's fame and success in the movie industry, Victoria has maintained a low-key and composed presence. Her focus on her own interior design career and business ventures has allowed her to carve out her own path while supporting and inspiring her husband's artistic endeavors. 

Victoria Chlebowski is a remarkable woman who has contributed to the world of interior design and business while being the loving and supportive wife of Michael Imperioli. 

With her creative talents, resilience, and commitment to personal growth, Victoria has become an inspiring figure in her own right. While she may prefer to live a low-key life, her impact and influence are undoubtedly felt both within her family and the industries she has excelled in.

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