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Where Is Phil Hartman’s Son Sean Edward Hartman Now?

Sea Published On Mon Mar 30 2020   Modified On Mon Apr 18 2022
Where Is Phil Hartman’s Son Sean Edward Hartman Now?

Comedian Phil Hartman's death on the night of May 27, 1998, was one of the most unique ones in celebrity deaths as it could easily have been a movie of some sort. But it wasn't. This was real life.

A troubled Brynn Hartman (née Omdahl) shot her husband three times in his sleep and then put a bullet in her head after initially confessing it to her friend, Ron Douglas, and bringing him home to show the proof. But the signs, as his friends say, were there from the start. Fellow 'Groundlings' performer, Cassandra Peterson, had warned him not to propose to her but was instead cut off from his life by Phil himself.

Phil Hartman and third wife Brynn Hartman with their children Sean and Birgen.

There's not a single photo of Sean as an adult. Sorry...
Photo Source: Beneath the Surface

Brynn had a constant substance abuse problem, and his second wife, Lisa Strain, had received a death threat from Brynn when she sent a congratulations card to them for the birth of their first child, a son named Sean Edward Hartman.

It was a huge mistake that Brynn realized to have taken her own life with the same gun she used earlier. But under the influence, it was lucky for their kids who were in the same house. Their daughter, Birgen Anika Hartman, was born in 1992.

Phil Hartman in a black & white photo.

Birgen tributed her father on Father's Day 2016.
Photo Source: Birgen Hartman, Instagram

After the parents' deaths, Sean and Birgen were left in the care of Brynn's sister and the kids' aunt Katharine Wright, with her husband, Mike. They were thus raised in a traditional western upbringing to have a life away from the incident that left them as orphans.

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However, Phil and Brynn had already written their respective wills, and he'd left their estate — an estimated at $1.23 million — to the kids, not to be given at once, but in different stages of their lives. As for now, the two are both really grown up, and veterans at SNL know what shock it would be to find them so mature.

Birgen Hartman in an attire for her SNL appearance

Birgen was engaged during her SNL appearance.
Source: Birgen Hartman, Instagram

Birgen is more famous than the two siblings, despite living a relatively low-profile life, as she's also made an appearance in SNL's 40th season, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She is a businesswoman and married her husband, Brandon, on October 1, 2018, in Italy. She was already engaged during her SNL appearance.

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Meanwhile, 31-year-old Sean is pursuing his dreams of becoming an artist and a musician, according to ABC News. He keeps a much lower presence on social media and is not easily seen in public.

However, he is known to have been an Edina High School graduate, where he illustrated the poster for the short film 'Kimura's Vengeance'. He also spent his high school years in a couple of bands like 'Metamorphis Mexico' and then went on to become a visual artist.

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