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Who is Selena Gomez Dating in 2020?

Heisenberg Published On Wed Sep 09 2020   Modified On Wed Sep 09 2020
Who is Selena Gomez Dating in 2020?

Grab all the details on the relationship status of pop star Selena Gomez in 2020.

Pop superstar Selena Gomez rose to fame from her role in the children's television series 'Barney & Friends' from 2002 to 2004. Later, she gained more popularity from her role as 'Alex Russo' on the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel television series 'Wizards of Waverly Place' from 2007 to 2012.

Selena Gomez has starred in movies too, some of which include 'Another Cinderella Story,' 'Princess Protection Program,' 'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie,' and 'Monte Carlo.' As a successful pop singer, Selena Gomez has sold over 7 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide. Many people are curious to know about the current relationship status of Selena Gomez, so below, we are going to learn who she's dating in 2020.

Who is Selena Gomez Dating in 2020?

Selena Gomez is currently single. There are no details available on why she is not in a relationship with anyone, but it looks like she is going to remain that way for a while. And she is currently single by preference. However, we think she is going to meet a new person soon in the future, and who knows, she might even meet the love of her life.

Selena Gomez was in relationship with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez was in relationship with Justin Bieber.
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Selena Gomez's most famous boyfriend is another pop superstar Justin Bieber. They dated from 2010 to 2014. They were first spotted together, eating pancakes at IHOP in 2010. The couple tried to keep the relationship secret at first, but eventually, they could not hide the fact that they were dating. The two were on and off on various occasions during their relationship.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were also continuing to date on-and-off throughout April 2014. They had a fight at Coachella after Selena allegedly found photos of Kylie Jenner on Justin's phone. Since then, their relationship ended.

Selena Gomez's Relationship With Orlando Bloom

According to Outlets, Selena Gomez was dating Orlando Bloom after she left Justin Bieber in April 2014. They were allegedly seen flirting with each other at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But their relationship did not last long, and soon broke up.

Selena Gomez was dating Orlando Bloom after she left Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez was dating Orlando Bloom after she left Justin Bieber.
Source: NY Daily News

Selena Gomez - who recently underwent weight loss - also developed a relationship with the Twilight star Taylor Lautner for a short period of time in 2009. 'Kristen [Stewart] was staying in my hotel,' she said to Seventeen in 2009. 'He would visit her, so we were constantly running into each other in the lobby — and we ended up meeting. We would go out to lunch and dinner, but I knew he had paparazzi following him, and I had paparazzi following me. So we literally just wanted to hang out, go bowling and stuff, and it went a little too far, I think. People were getting a little crazy about us.'

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