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Adele Weight Loss — How Is She Doing It?

Heisenberg Published On Wed May 13 2020   Modified On Wed May 13 2020
Adele Weight Loss — How Is She Doing It?

Find out the secrets to the weight loss success of the world-famous singer Adele.

Adele has broken many music records, has bagged home many prestigious awards, and her songs have made her a global superstar in recent years. In 2020 however, Adele broke the Internet by showing the world the results of her tremendous weight loss.

Adele recently showed the world her much slimmer physique, which she attained by dropping about 100 pounds of excess body mass in the last decade. She revealed the change in her body with a photo during Drake's birthday party and also while she was on holiday with Harry Styles and James Corden. How did she achieve such a drastic body transformation? Let's find out.

How Did Adele Achieve 100 Pounds of Weight Loss?

The main contributor to Adele's weight loss is the Sirtfood Diet, according to an article by The Sun. The Sirtfood Diet is a type of food plan that focuses on eating plant foods like kale and buckwheat.

Adele adopted the Sirtfood Diet for her weight loss.

Adele adopted the Sirtfood Diet for her weight loss.
Source: Metro

According to Healthline, the Sirtfood Diet is based on research on sirtuins (SIRTs), a group of seven proteins found in the body that has been shown to regulate a variety of functions, including metabolism, inflammation, and lifespan. The Sirtfood Diet focuses on those plant-food items that increase the level of these proteins in the body and decrease one's appetite. Those food items are said to activate the body's 'skinny gene.'

The food plan allows people to eat dark chocolate and drink red wine, which are high in sirtuins, so it has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. In addition to this diet method, Adele also underwent reformer pilates along with her friend Ayda Field to make her body more physical active. She underwent the physical exercise routine in assistance of her personal trainer Camila Goodis, who was slammed for sharing Adele's secrets.

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But the trainer has mentioned that Adele hated exercise and her weight loss is due to '90 percent dieting.' Camila believes Adele's weight loss secret lies entirely in her diet, in which she gave up processed food, sugar and fizzy drinks. She summed up the diet plan of Adele as this: 'a healthy balanced diet, eating less calories a day and expending more energy.'

However, Adele Is Not All That Happy About Her Tremendous Body Transformation

In recent days, reports are start to arise that Adele is not all that happy about her 100-pound weight loss. An article by Daily Mail wrote that the singer is feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about her whopping 7 stone weight drop.

Adele is sometimes surprised by her incredible weight transformation.

Adele is sometimes surprised by her incredible weight transformation.
Source: Gulf News 

The article also mentioned this: "Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing. She admits that although she may now look the best she ever has, she still gets incredibly self-conscious about her appearance."

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The article continued on how Adele "sometimes finds it hard to believe that she looks as good as people say she does." There've also been reports that she is sometimes shocked to look at herself in the mirror, astounded by her dramatic weight loss, but at the same time, enjoys buying numerous new clothes for her new physique.

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