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Home health AI Roker Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

AI Roker Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Bran Published On Fri Sep 18 2020   Modified On Fri Sep 18 2020
AI Roker Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Grab all the details regarding Al Roker's stressful weight loss journey right here.

Al Roker is certainly someone who needs no introduction as the 66-year-old has done it all as American weather, forecaster, and author. In fact, he currently serves as the weather anchor on NBC's Today and the co-host of 3rd Hour Today. If that isn't enough, he also has an inactive American Meteorological Society Television Seal.

While Al Roker's professional career is completely resounding, he managed to compliment with a personal milestone as he dropped 40 pounds. Throughout his two-decades-long journey on television, he garnered enough fame and fortune, but fitness was probably something that he missed. Stay with us as we take you on how Roker accomplished his goal of slimming down.

Al Roker's Keto Diet to Lose Weight

A before and after picture of Al Roker.

Al Roker adopted a keto diet to achieve weight loss.
Photo Source: Good Housekeeping

Weight loss isn't everyone's cup of tea, considering the amount of sacrifice it demands. In the case of Al Roker, he found a secret ingredient of a keto diet, which was a gamechanger. In an interview, the Today co-anchor, he opened up about how the ketogenic diet influenced on his physical self. 

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Al Roker opted for the Keto diet from September 2018, and it didn't disappoint. Over the span of six months, he managed to drop around 40 pounds, which was a big success. Interestingly, while giving an interview, he was cooking a sloppy Joe recipe alongside low-carb and his favorite keto-friendly bread recipe. In fact, it is a very low-carb, high-fat diet, which is more or less similar to most of the low-carb diets. The forecaster achieved success in reducing his carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat.

Al Roker in a hospital bed poses for a selfie.

AI Roker promised his late father that he would get slim.
Photo Source: One Country

While Al Roker's physical results seemed promising in terms of the pounds dropped, he was delighted to be able to keep the cholesterol levels in the balance as well. The likes of celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels did criticize his approach by questioning the basis of his Keto-supplement diet, asking. 'why would anyone think this is a good idea?

Al Roker's Reasons for Weight Loss

While it wasn't until 2018 that Al Roker started taking serious actions regarding his body size, he always acknowledged the problems of it. While he is married to journalist wife, Deborah Roberts, for two decades, Roker disclosed how he felt pressure because of their mixed-weight marriage. Furthermore, he said how his beloved wife is a size four and remains frustrated on his lifestyle to cut down on some weight.

Al Roker in a black suit caught on the camera.

AI Roker is married to Deborah Roberts.
Photo Source: Alrokeen Entertainment

In 2013, Al Roker hit the maximum as he weighed 340 pounds exactly on the scale. It was then when he actually realized and worried that he 'wasn't as good as he thought he was.' Earlier on, he did make a promise to his dying father, Albert Lincoln Roker, that he would slim down in the near future, and by 2019, he finally did it.

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