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Sam Smith's Weight Loss Has Been Gradual, But It's Surprised Everyone

Bran Published On Wed May 06 2020   Modified On Wed May 06 2020
Sam Smith's Weight Loss Has Been Gradual, But It's Surprised Everyone

The singer, Sam Smith, who gave the hit song, 'Too Good at Goodbyes,' successfully bid farewell to 50 lbs. Let's get into his amazing weight loss transformation, through changes in his diet and lifestyle.

English singer Sam Smith has millions of fan-following, thanks to his top ballads like 'Stay with Me' and 'I'm Not the Only One.' Born on 19 May 1992, the vocalist has been around the UK Singles Chart regularly for his many top songs. The songwriter was an overweight kid while growing up, which made him unhappy for most of his childhood, and finally tempted to lose significant pounds.

While the four-time Grammy-winning singer might not have anything to prove, he surprised everyone in 2017, when he showed up with a completely new appearance. Even though he succeeded in shedding around 50 pounds, going through that wasn't a cakewalk by any means.

Sam Smith's Big Weight Caused Immense Sadness

You may see Sam Smith smiling at the cameras and concerts ever since he embarked upon a successful musical career in 2012. However, things weren't the same for the Englishman as a child and a teenager. The multiple award-winning singers, who stole hearts of millions around the world, said how his body image issues are the sole reason for his sadness every day. 

Sam Smith's before and after picture.

Singer Sam Smith used to be bullied for being an overweight.
Photo Source: Popsugar

Smith used to be overweight as a child, and that didn't let his time in school and college to be pleasant. In fact, the artist used to be bullied at school for his weight. Well, this is disappointing how this issue has been deeply rooted in the society all over the world. Getting into the details, other students used to tease him for being fat, held his chest weight and grabbed his breasts as well in the playground.

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Being bullied can cause depression and even lead to suicide. Smith still feels the trauma as he underwent a liposuction surgery at the mere age of 12-years- age because of that.

Sam Smith's Reason for Weight Gain and Weight Loss? 

Regarding the issue, how did the pop singer, Sam Smith, gained all those weights? His excessive weight came from a young age itself, which could probably be due to the young metabolism and recurring feeling of hunger.

Sam Smith in a brown suit poses for a picture.

Sam Smith used to be unhappy with his weight while growing up.
Photo Source: Rolling Stone

Even though he did a liposuction surgery that did help him to remove fat from specific body parts like abdomen, hips, and buttocks, the singer doesn't believe that it made much of an impact. Interestingly, with his relationship with food, he gained all those pounds again within two weeks.

When I was at school and wasn't having a great time or when music wasn't going very well, I would eat. 

The talented musician suffered a condition of emotional eating. Whenever he felt sad or lonely, he needed to eat to make mental peace. Although that did help him deal with stress, it affected his physique adversely, resulting in a plus size.

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So, the surgeries never mainly worked on his side, and he continued to struggle with bullies during his teenage days. Barring the bullies, Smith himself was never satisfied with his weight, even in his early days in the music industry. The 'Too Good at Goodbyes' singer revealed how he wasn't happy with the way he looked' while shooting his first music videos. Thus, these were the reasons which tempted him to lose weight following the success of his debut studio album, 'In the Lonely Hour.'

Sam Smith's New Refined Diet Helped Him

The key to such an immense transformation wasn't possible unless Smith changed his eating habits. He credits much of the lifestyle change to author Amelia Freer, who wrote a book named, 'Eat, Nourish, Glow', to give him the realization that it was necessary to feel happy in yourself and live healthily.

Sam Smith in a black sweater  eating chicken wings.

'Too Good at Goodbyes' singer Sam Smith cut down on gluten and dairy in his new diet.
Photo Source: Twitter

The English singer altered his nutrition and diets a little bit, which showed the instant result as he lost three stones by April 2015, including one stone within two weeks. He cut out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar completely from his plate. Besides, Sam also took up yoga on a regular basis and started eating herb-infused ice cubes as a snack.

Sam Smith Loves the Gym

All the fitness fanatics must know how diet alone isn't enough to shed down pounds. Exercise is equally essential, and luckily Smith is well aware that. In pursuit of fulfilling his goal, he started hitting the gym regularly. Despite a jam-packed schedule on his music career, Smith went to the gym three times a week.

Smith stretching at his house.

Sam Smith goes  to the gym three-times a day.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Regarding his exercises, Sam Smith did all sorts of intense workouts, especially the ones with lifting many weights as possible. In fact, he took the help of a personal trainer, which suggested to him the right combination of exercises with particular focus on cardio.

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Sam Smith is an inspiration for everyone out there who seeks to lose some pounds and rebuild their appearance. The actor didn't quit and put a strong dedication to achieve his goal, despite all the bullies. Even though the famous singer is in an attractive shape now, he prefers to keep continuity with his workout routines and work on getting healthier every day. 

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