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Angela Deem Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did the 90 Day Fiance Star Lose?

Heisenberg Published On Sun Sep 20 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 22 2022
Angela Deem Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did the 90 Day Fiance Star Lose?

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the reality star Angela Deem.

Angela Deem is well known for her part in the reality television series '90 Day Fiance,' which portrayed her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi, a 32-year-old native from Nigeria. The viewers of the show got to see those two's relationships build and grow over time, and ultimately turn into a marriage.

Angela Deem (net worth) and Michael Ilesanmi are currently trying to obtain a K-1 visa for Michael so the couple could live together in the United States. Lately, '90 Day Fiance' fans are surprised with Angela's recent transformation, as she's gotten much slimmer in the last few months. How was she able to make such a change? Let's find out the details involving her weight loss.

Angela Deem Weight Loss - How Much Pounds Did She Lose?

There is no information available on how much weight Angela Deem lost in recent months. The reality star has not explicitly talked about how much she's lost lately, but an article by Showbiz Cheat Sheet estimates that she must have dropped at least 40 pounds at present.

Angela Deem might have lost 40 pounds.

Angela Deem might have lost 40 pounds.
Source: Angela Deem Instagram

Angela Deem, who is married to Michael Ilesanmi, has not revealed the secrets of her recent transformation, but mainly the credit of the weight loss of any individual goes to the change in their lifestyle, like adopting a healthier diet plan and engaging in an intense workout routine. Angela's picked a new hobby in recent months: dancing, which can be a contributing factor to her slimming belly. She revealed on an episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After' that she's been taking dance lessons with her daughter, Skyla Deem. Dancing is a great exercise, and we bet Angela's getting some good cardio in with her daughter and, in turn, a gradual drop in weight.

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Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were recently excited over the prospect of having a baby when the 54-year-old nursing assistant experienced a menstrual cycle for the first time in two years. As the two are married now, they would be extremely happy if they could add another member to their family.

Angela Deem Also Went Under the Knife to Gain Youthful Looks

Weight loss is not the only change that occurred in Angela Deem's lifestyle in recent times; she underwent plastic surgery too. During the period when Michael was trying to obtain his visa to come to the United States, Angela decided to go under the knife to look much younger than her current age.

Angela Deem also had Botox to remove her wrinkles.

Angela Deem also had Botox to remove her wrinkles.
Source: Instagram

Angela Deem had some Botox injected into her face, and the procedure removed many of her wrinkles, giving her a much youthful look. But Michael was not happy with it as the expensive cost of the Botox made him feel that she wasted too much money on the stuff that didn't matter to him because he loved her no matter what she looked like. Angela paid $2000 on the Botox.

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