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Home lifestyle Who is Bobby Lytes? Is He Dating Anyone in 2021? Find It Out Here

Who is Bobby Lytes? Is He Dating Anyone in 2021? Find It Out Here

Frances Published On Wed Sep 15 2021   Modified On Wed Sep 15 2021
Who is Bobby Lytes? Is He Dating Anyone in 2021? Find It Out Here

Is Bobby Lytes Single? Find The Details Here.

Famous reality television star Bobby Lytes was born in 1990 in the USA. According to many online sources, though he hasn't shared his parents' names yet, his father was a heavy drug addict and often ended up in prison.

Love and Hip-Hop: Miami star Bobby is one of a kind. He lives up to his name and literally attracts both love and hates from the fans worldwide. He is proud to be one of the members of the LGBTQ community and never hesitate to say it.

Bobby is a multi-talented artist. He does modeling for different brands and is also a singer. He earns his bucks from various sources. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2021.

Bobby Lytes Relationship Status As of 2021

30-year-old Bobby Lytes is living his life to the fullest and attracts media and fans' attention worldwide by doing various activities. Many of his followers are curious to know whether Lytes is currently involved with anyone or not. 

Bobby Lytes is proud to be a transgender.

Bobby Lytes is currently single.
Photo Source: Instagram

Although many are curious to learn his relationship status, Lyteshasn't shared any details. Therefore, no one can comment anything on this topic officially. 

Regardless of that, many online sources claim, Bobby is currently single and is actually looking for a partner to share his world with; because nothing is accessible on his sweetheart, it is safe to think he isn't dating anyone. However, he had one romantic encounter in the past.

Bobby Lytes Used To Date LHHM Star Jeffery White

If you are Love and Hip-Hop: Miami's regular viewer, you wouldn't be surprised to know that Bobby Lytes and Jeffery White used to date each other. Though they were a thing in the past, as of today, they are just friends.

Bobby Lytes used to be friend with Prince Michael.

Bobby Lytes was in a relationship with Jeffery White.
Photo Source: Instagram

Though the exact time and place of where Lytes and White first met have not been revealed yet. According to Love Hip-hop Fandom, the two of them declared their relationship through the show in the first season. After being together for more than a year and a half, Lytes discovers Jeffery's cheating him with another member Malik Williams

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After being separated from Jeffery in the first season, Bobby became friends with Christopher Michael Harty, popularly known as Prince Michael. Sadly, their friendship ended as Lytes didn't support Michael's relationship with Liz Cifuentes.

Bobby Lytes' Family Members: Father, Mother, and Sisters 

Bobby Nico Wade, famous as Bobby Lytes, was born in 1990 in Homestead, Florida, USA. He was welcomed by a Dominican family and grew up with his two younger sisters in Miami. The reality star celebrates his birthday on October 24 every year. 

Bobby Lytes' father was a heavy drug dealer.

Bobby Lytes' mother single-handedly raised her three children.
Photo Source: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Bobby's father was a heavy drug addict and used to end up in prison all the time. While his dad was never at home, Lytes' mother took all the responsibilities of the family and raised her children single-handedly.

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