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Check Out Bubba Watson's Diet Plan for His Weight Loss

Bran Published On Mon Apr 06 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 07 2020
Check Out Bubba Watson's Diet Plan for His Weight Loss

The Two-Time Masters' champ Bubba Watson surprised everyone in 2017 as he entered the court a lot slimmer. Let's see how he changed his diet to lose a significant amount of weight.

Gerry Lester Bubba Watson Jr., one of the very few professional left-handed golfers, is multiple major champions. The two-time Masters champion managed to reach a career highest rating of 2nd back in 2015. The Florida-based sports personality was caught off-guard, which let him gain a little weight. With over 12 PGA Tour wins, the charismatic golfer decided to lose weight and get into better shape in 2017.

The weight loss journey was definitely stressful since he sacrificed certain things under his interests, such as food and comfortable life. As the son of NFL star, Bubba Smith, the golfer believed how the transformation in weight and lifestyle could help him get back to the peak of his career. So, without wasting much time, let's see how the golf maestro managed to lose his weight.

Bubba Watson Lost Around 20 Pounds

A before and after weight-loss picture of Bubba Watson.

Bubba Watson lost around 20 pounds in 2017 after cutting off his diet in the off-season.
Photo Source: Golfwrx

Even though golf isn't the sport that requires an ideal weight or a fitness protocol, it was the wisdom of dual-Masters champion, Bubba Watson, to go through a weight-loss journey. The 6-foot 3-inch tall athlete was 190 pounds when it hit him that he was way older than his age. Thus, the 41-year-old pulled the trigger with a crucial decision to get back in perfect shape before the 2017 PGA Tour Season, for nobody but himself.

Every once in a while when you get older, when you have a birthday, you kind of think, I'm a lot older than I used to be, so I need to get in shape.

The late footballer's sporty son, Bubba Watson, is an inspiration to everyone who looks to revamp themselves since he was dead serious about achieving fitness. So, he made the off-season before the 2017 tour, the transformation period, getting a complete overhaul. When he came out on the pitch, he took all the attention since he lost around 15-20 pounds. 

Bubba Watson in a pink t-shirt caught at the camera on a golf-court.

Bubba Watson sacrificed all the chips and prioritized protein in his revamped diet to lose weight.
Photo Source: Business Insider

The former Masters champion was a foodie all along, perhaps the main reason for his increased weight. Surprisingly, in the past, the golfer didn't used to pat an eye on fitness and ate everything, literally. In fact, he used to eat burritos for ten days straight with around one or two each day. 

Bubba Watson's Diet Took a Complete Cut-Off

The key to Bubba Watson's transformation was mostly the modified diet schedules and calories. Although the exercises and workout were equally important, he considers the change in the food preference as the game-changer in his journey. The path was undoubtedly difficult, but the golfer's dedication beat the hardships of sacrificing the food that he once used to love.

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The 2010 PGA Championship runner-up, Bubba Watson took the help of a trainer, Andrew Fisher, to attain his goal. Consequently, he went on to follow a strict low-glycemic diet that helped him control his blood sugar levels and let go of everything that tasted good. Similarly, he put in more protein to his diets, such as chicken and fish, and even included those into his golf course menu. 

Bubba Watson managed to be the World no.2 in 2015.
Photo Source: USA Today FTW

Watson, who used to feel incomplete without fast food and chips, faced a severe crisis with sacrificing them entirely for about three to four months, which showed its result with a slim figure of himself in the tour. Therefore, all the midnight oil he burnt eventually paid off, but it wasn't the diet alone, which resulted in a fitter Bubba Watson.

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It was the combination of the food levels with workout schedules, sleep routines, and, most importantly, the sheer hard work and determination that the former world no.2 put in to change his lifestyle.

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