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Home health Find Out the Secret to Catherine Tyldesley's Amazing Weight Loss

Find Out the Secret to Catherine Tyldesley's Amazing Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Fri Jun 05 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 05 2020
Find Out the Secret to Catherine Tyldesley's Amazing Weight Loss

Find Out the Secret to Catherine Tyldesley's Amazing Weight Loss.

Catherine Tyldesley is a British actress known for her stint on the BBC drama 'Lilies' as Iris Moss, and widely loved for her role of Eva Price on the ITV soap opera 'Coronation Street,' from 2011 to 2018. Following her massive success on the show, she bagged many other projects.

Catherine, who was born on September 17, 1983, started her acting career from 2005 when she was just 22 years old. Coming from Walkden, Greater Manchester, she attended St. George's RC High School and Pendleton School of Acting, from where she graduated in the year 2005.

Within one year of completion of her acting classes, Catherine was selected for the role of Eva on Corrie, following which she never looked back. She is loved for her role as a midwife, which helped get a lead role on BBC drama, Lilies.

As we have seen and observed her throughout Tyldesley's career, we noticed something of a body transformation of her. Let's find out more about her weight loss and how she did it.

Catherine Tyldesley's Weight Loss

Catherine Tyldesley's weight loss is nothing less than a miracle. We know she had to go through a lot for the change, but for us, people, who saw Cath after her weight loss, was something incredible. 

Catherine Tyldesley, when she was 18 years old, used to weight a little over 200 pounds.
Photo Source: The Sun

The 36 years old actress said she dropped from a size 22 to size 10 when she ditched Coronation Street's pies and "bacon sandwiches." The actress said, "It just fits it around your schedule. If I were working, I'd go on walks. On night shoots, there are a lot of pies and bacon sandwiches floating about, but I took stuff with me."

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But as we know, ditching pies and butties won't be enough for the drastic change she went through. So, what did she do to lose weight? Let's find out.

How Did Catherine Tyldesley Lose Weight?

According to Catherine, her stint on the celebrity dance competition is something to credit for her weight loss. The actress revealed a tough dance regime on 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2019 really helped her tone her body and subsequent tour was something that provided in the weight loss.

Catherine, as of 2020, has undergone more than 12 stone weight loss. 
Photo Source: The Sun

Catherine, before her weight loss, was a little over 200 pounds and size 22 at the age of 18. However, she lost a whopping half dozen stone a decade ago, during her Coronation days, and came to size 8. But she was just not done there. 

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In February 2020, Catherine revealed how she lost even more weight doing the "Strictly" (Strictly Come Dancing) Tour. On one of her pictures on Instagram, the Eva actress pulled her skirt to reveal inches of space where her waist used to be. 

Catherine, tagging "Strictly," wrote, 

"It's official, I need a pie. Lost my junk," 

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