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Home health Chris Christie Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Chris Christie Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Heisenberg Published On Mon Oct 05 2020   Modified On Mon Oct 05 2020
Chris Christie Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the American politician and political commentator Chris Christie.

ABC News political analyst Chris Christie revealed on Saturday that he had tested positive for coronavirus and is currently self-isolating. As a person with asthma, he also checked at a local hospital to assure that things were alright. The concern is understandable as he was hospitalized in 2011 after an asthma attack when he was just nearing two years of his first term as the 55th Governor of New Jersey.

About Chris Christie's health, there's another thing that's been a cause of concern his whole adult life: his weight. He lived the majority of his life as an overweight person, but in recent years, he was able to change that and undergo a weight loss of over 100 pounds. How was he able to make such a transformation? Let's find out.

How Did Chris Christie Undergo Tremendous Weight Loss?

Chris Christie attempted weight loss by undergoing weight loss surgery in February 2013. He chose to go through the procedure in secret, but unfortunately, opted for the least effective operation to have the surgery.

Chris Christie underwent weight loss surgery in February 2013.

Chris Christie underwent weight loss surgery in February 2013.
Source: NBC News

Chris Christie underwent gastric-band surgery (popularly known as lap band surgery), a procedure that can help a person lose between one-third and half of their body weight. In the surgery, the silicone band is inserted around the upper part of the stomach and tightened, which enables the patient to eat slower and feel full faster. But this operation has a drawback; it is completely ineffective for 10% of the patients, and they may not lose any weight at all.

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Lap band surgery did not work well for Chris Christie because he was too overweight, weighing at 320 pounds before he underwent the procedure. 'I may not have chosen a band for him because he's significantly overweight,' Dr. Janey Pratt, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, told Today. 'I might have chosen a bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy. The patient has to want it. It's a personal decision.'

Chris Christie's Lap Band Surgery Did Not Prove Much Effective in His Weight Loss Process

Chris Christie saw very little progress of his lap band surgery, as even a year after the procedure, he did not drop weight in a significant amount. For a man standing 5 foot 11 inches tall, he dropped between 90 pounds and 100 pounds after one year of the surgery. So he was still overweight when he dropped such a amount of weight.

Chris Christie lost between 90 and 100 pounds after lap band surgery.

Chris Christie lost between 90 and 100 pounds after lap band surgery.
Source: NJ

But Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen, president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, considers it an achievement for Chris Christie. 'In the world of the super-obese, that's success,' he told NBC News. 'We're trying to get somebody into a healthy lifestyle and reduce their obesity-related conditions. We're not trying to make somebody skinny here.'

On Chris Christie's part, he has not talked much about his weight in public. 'We don't give numbers, but what I will say is I'm more than halfway to my goal,' he reportedly told CBS News in September 2013. For a person who once weighed extreme 320 pounds, his 100-pound weight loss seems to be relatively successful. 'I'm basically the healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life,' he once said to CBS News.

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Chris Christie's 100-pound weight loss did not result solely form the surgery alone. He made huge changes to his lifestyle to maintain his body shape and adopted a healthy diet routine and exercised four times weekly. Those lifestyle changes also played an important role in helping the former governor burn calories in his body. Dr Thomas Inge, a bariatric expert at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, had a positive response to Chris Christie's transformation. 'With everything the man is dealing with, it is a wonder he has done so well,' he told NBC News.

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