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Chrissy Teigen Shows off Her Fresh New Hairstyle

Christina Published On Mon Dec 14 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 14 2020
Chrissy Teigen Shows off Her Fresh New Hairstyle

Chrissy Teigen just surprised her fans with a new haircut, and it just happens to be the iconic 'Rachel' hairstyle from the show Friends. 

Fans of the ever-popular American show Friends immediately recognized Chrissy Teigen's new haircut as the one Jennifer Aniston opted for in the show's opening. 

The 35-year-old's hair cut happens to be a mid-length shaggy style with the same color as Rachel Green in the show. She opted for choppy layered and flipped out ends, coloring them with honey blonde highlights and side bangs. 

Chrissy Teigen haircut

Chrissy Teigen's video on Instagram about her hair. 
Photo Source: Instagram

The model took to her Instagram with a shoulder-skimming crop top and captioned a video of herself with the new look as "New hair who this, it's me obviously I don't get it." She mentioned getting styled by the talented celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham.

For now, the lovely lady is yet to comment if Rachel was her inspiration for the new look, but fans have already started commenting and comparing her look with Anniston from the show. 

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Viewers bombarded her comment section with all sorts of praises and positive assurance of the look. One user wrote, "Oh! Rachel is back!! You look, gorgeous dear,"

There were many other comments from fans like, "Rachel Green, is that you?!?", "Giving me early 90s Rachel cut vibes," and "The Rachel is timeless. You look fab." 

Jenifer Anniston's look as Rachel Green in Friends.

Jenifer Anniston's look as Rachel Green in Friends.
Photo Source: News Break

On the contrary of the look's popularity, Jennifer actually mentioned hating the look and said it was the ugliest haircut she's ever seen. 

Well, we can't say anything for her, but considering the look was one of the most popular ones out there, it would be safe to say fans loved it. 'The Rachel' look debuted back in 1995 with the start of the show, and 25-years later, the hype is still the same. 

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