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Christian Bale's Weight Loss History!

Christina Published On Mon Jun 22 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 22 2020
Christian Bale's Weight Loss History!

All about Christian Bale's Weight Loss!

Time and again Christian Bale's proved to be one of those actors, who's just the right epitome of perfection. It's not just perfection in acting, but the way he completely baffles the audience and commits himself to a character. 

Surely, we've seen his commendable skills in hit movies like American Psycho, The Machinist, American Hustle, Batman and many more. The common thing is all these movies demanded unique characteristics which Bale's always perfected. 

Just like that, today we're going to gloss over one of the toughest transformation an actor does for a movie, his weight loss history! And without a doubt, Christian's got many to tell. 

Dental Work for American Psycho

You heard that right. Body transformation for a certain time are normal and regularly heard of, but a permanent dental work surely ruled out any possibilities of Christian heading towards anything but perfection. 

Christian Bale preferred his old teeth but still went ahead with a trip to the dentist for a movie.

Christian Bale preferred his old teeth but still went ahead with a trip to the dentist for a movie.
Photo Source: Lit Hub

The actor portrayed a role of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy businessman with a dark and murderous edge. In order to get an edge to the character, he got dental work to straighten his smile and remove the tooth gap. 

 60 Pound Weight Loss for The Machinist

The 2004 thriller movie, The Machinist portrayed Bale in an unimaginable character which was quite unbelievable yet completely true. In the movie, he played the role of a scarily thin man named Trevor Reznik with who battled insomnia.  

Christian Bale during the movie The Machinist.
Photo Source: The Guardian  

According to The Guardian, he lost a massive 60 pounds to fit in the role. At times it felt like abandoning one's body as said by The Machinist actor. Apparently he was so skinny that he could hardly walk up the stairs. 

Gained 100 Pounds for Batman Begins

Just after finishing The Machinist and losing 60 pounds, the exceptional actor again gained 100 pounds to cover the role of Batman aka Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. He lost weight in 2003 and again started gaining weight in 2004 for another project. 

Christian Bale's look in the Batman movie.

Christian Bale's look in the Batman movie. 
Photo Source: CNN

Apparently he ate like crazy in order to gain pounds of weight. He actually went overboard with it and ended up looking like a grizzly bear. So, in order to tone it down he went ahead with a constant workout to get in shape. 

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It wasn't all as Bale went back and forth in losing weight and gaining weight through the course of filming The Dark Knight Trilogy which earned him major number of awards. 

Lost 30 pounds for movie The Fighter

Again in 2010, the 46-year-old blew critics away from a top-notch performance as a boxer-turned-trainer named Dicky Eklund in the movie The Fighter. The movie was about a pro boxer training his half brother Micky Ward for the ring. 

Christian lost weight around his face and body to fit the role of a cocaine addict.

Christian lost weight around his face and body to fit the role of a cocaine addict. 
Photo Source: The Sun

During the movie Bale lost 30 pounds in total to adapt to the body of a lean man struggling with a cocaine addiction. He indulged in dieting consulting with a physician and exercised like crazy.

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