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Kevin James Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Christina Published On Mon Jul 20 2020   Modified On Mon Jul 20 2020
Kevin James Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer Kevin James. 

When it comes to weight loss, usually the driving force to shed weight is due to health issues, or self-realization, or similar things like that. But for an actor, it highly depends on the roles that he's taken and his commitment to it. An all-time prime example of it would surely be the most brilliant time to time transformation done by Christian Bale. 

Just like that today we're going to be talking about another one of the talented comedians/actors who shed a massive amount of weight Kevin James. Did you know that James was at an all-time high of weighing 290 pounds before he signed up for his movie "Here Come the Boom"?

The motivation to shed weight was because the actor was expected to play a role of a biology teacher who later on became a UFC martial arts fighter to raise money for his school. So, let's move ahead to know the details of his crazy weight loss transformation. 

Kevin James Sheds A Massive 80 Pound Weight 

We've always watched Kevin James playing light-hearted comedy roles like Doug Heffernan on the CBC Sitcom The King of Queens, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and many more.

Kevin James portraying the role of Scott Voss, a biology teacher turned MMA fighter.

Kevin James portraying the role of Scott Voss, a biology teacher turned MMA fighter. 
Photo Source: Reel Views

While he was always seen in his comfortable chubby self, there was always the grogginess of his weight tagging along wherever he went. This is precisely why the actor jumped at the chance of doing the movie Here Comes The Boom where he finally required getting into shape. 

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In order to fit in the frame of a rugged warrior, James lost a massive 80-pound weight with the help of MMA trainer Ryan Parsons. The training led him to do all the fighting scenes without sustaining any injuries even though most of the time he was seen plummeting to the ground in the movie. 

Kevin James Extreme Workout and Diet Led By MMA Trainer

The 55-year-old actor was literally and figuratively whipped into a transformation by his MMA coach Parsons. The pair had already met before on the set of his TV series The King of Queens, so it was easy for them to bond over the film.

Kevin James In Action!

Kevin James In Action! 
Photo Source: The Mirror

The training for the actor required building stamina, co-ordination, flexibility, and strength. To which his trainer suggested a steady diet of medicine ball moves mixed with push-ups and situps. For the boxing routine, he was required to do a full-body workout, starting with pad work, shadowboxing, combination punches, and many more.  

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Along with that, he was also at a strictly monitored diet regime that required all the greens he could possibly fit into his body. James trained for a massive 14 months, working out three times a day to get in shape for the movie. Indeed his hard work paid in the success of the movie in the end.

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