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Home lifestyle Is Cindy Kimberly Dating in 2022? Learn her Relationship History

Is Cindy Kimberly Dating in 2022? Learn her Relationship History

kripa Published On Mon Jul 18 2022   Modified On Mon Jul 18 2022
Is Cindy Kimberly Dating in 2022? Learn her Relationship History

Is Cindy Kimberly Dating in 2022? Find It Out Here.

Cindy Kimberly, a Dutch Instagram sensation and a model, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on November 16, 1998. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Initially, the 23-year-old model gained her fame after Justin Bieber posted her photo on his feed with the caption,

"Omg who is this!!!" 

Cindy Kimberly has over 7 million followers on Instagram.

Cindy Kimberly has over 7 million followers on Instagram.
Image Source: Instagram @wolfiecindy

Kimberly was raised by a single mom since she was three years old. The Internet influencer's mother struggled to raise Cindy on her own and had to work a lot of overtime to provide for Cindy and herself. However, after Cindy was brought into the spotlight, her mother didn't have to work anymore. Now, the stunning model has a net worth of approximately $4 million, as per Stark Times.

Cindy Kimberly was raised by her single mother. 
Image Source: Biography Mask

Regardless of the struggle Kimberly had, she rose to fame very fast after achieving success on her own. The beautiful model now has over 7 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, the Instagram influencer works under Uno Models, a modeling agency. 

Kimberly is a flawless model, but despite having a perfect face, it was reported by different media outlets that she had a nose job. More on her plastic surgery here. 

Cindy Kimberly's Dating History 

Cindy Kimberly is a public figure and an active member of social media, but she barely posts about her private life. Most of the content she posts is related to her work. 

The gorgeous model doesn't seem to post much about her love life, and her fans seem very curious about her dating life. So here are some details about her love life.

Who is Cindy Kimberly Currently Dating? 

Since June 2022, Cindy appears to be in a new relationship with a football player, Dele Alli. The new love birds even went on a trip to Italy. The Everton player Dele appears with the Cindy putting a lot of PDA while on a luxury yacht called Riva.

Cindy Kimberly with her new boyfriend Dele Alli

Dele Alli was spotted with Cindy Kimberly on a yacht in Italy. 
Image Source: Sportsdark

While Kimberly and Alli were on their luxury yacht, the pair appeared to enjoy their time together. They were spotted making out, hugging, and having a great time with each other. To be more specific, the duo was pictured kissing, as noted by Daily Mail.

Kimberly seems to enjoy her relationship with her new boyfriend, Dele Alli. However, the romantic duo has kept a low profile about their relationship.

Justin Bieber Crush on Cindy Kimberly

As mentioned earlier, Cindy gained her fame from Justin Bieber. In December 2015, Justin posted a photo of a beautiful girl on his Instagram profile, asking his fans who that girl was.

Justin Bieber having a crush on Cindy Kimberlt

Justin Bieber posted about Cindy Kimberly. 
Image Source: Instagram @justinbieber

After posting the photo, people suspected that Kimberly and Justine had a fling. In August 2015, Justin Bieber was flirting with Cindy Kimberly even though Justin and Selena were a thing at that time. Some fans believe that Justin had a crush on her, and some think that Justin was trying to make his former flame, Selena Gomez, jealous. 

Cindy Kimberly And Xavier Serrano's Past Love Affair

Kimberly first known relationship after being famous is with Xavier Serrano, a Spanish model. The ex-couple started dating in May 2016 and broke up after four months in August 2016. 

The footage of the former lovers kissing at a party was shared on Snapchat when Cindy and Xavier were still together. There is little information on the couple and why they have broken up. 

Cindy Kimberly with her former lover Xavier Serrano

Cindy Kimberly with Xavier Serrano. 
Image Source: Instagram @xserrano9

While Cindy and Xavier were dating, some fans even speculated that Xavier might be connected to Teala Dunn, which led to confusion regarding their connection.

Cindy Kimberly And Neels Visser's Previous Relationship

In 2016, Kimberly had a long relationship with Neels Visser, a YouTuber and model. Cindy and Neels appear to be a thing from October 2016 to August 2018. 

During those two years of their relationship, the couple has appeared in each other youtube videos. Although they used to make youtube videos together, it looks like the couple may have a difficult time in their dating life as they broke up after two years of dating.

Cindy Kimberly and Neels Visser

Cindy Kimberly is hugging Neels Visser.
Image Source: Instagram @wolfiecindy

Subsequently, the news about their breakup was all over the internet. The couple did not take a long time to admit their seperation. Both Neels and Cindy unfollowed each other after their relationship ended and posted heartful messages on their Twitter account to inform their fans about them parting their ways.

Cindy confirmed their breakup and tweeted. 

“Me and Neels shared so many amazing memories for the past year but unfortunately sometimes things come to an end and [are] not necessarily be anyone’s fault,”  

She then continued her tweet by saying that she will always love and cherish the moments she and Neels shared and will continue to support him. At last, the model added that telling her fans about them going their separate ways seems fair as the couple has shared their love for the past 2-years.

Following Cindy's tweet, Neels also confirmed their breakup on Twitter by asking their fans not to hate either of them as their relationship came to an end. Visser requested his fans not to assume any negative things regarding their breakup. Neels also said that he would continue to support and respect Kimberly as an individual. He followed the tweet by thanking his fans for their support.

The past lovers have insisted that their breakup was mutual and that they had no resentment against one another after it happened, tho some of their fans suspected them of having a bad breakup. Neels and Cindy have shown their respect and love for each other through their tweets. Both of them since have deleted their tweets.

Cindy Kimberly Dating Rumor With Lewis Hamilton 

Back in February 2019, there was rumor that the Dutch model was in a relationship with F1 star Lewis Hamilton. The saga began after Lewis and Cindy flew to Spain in a private jet. 

Cindy and Lewis never talked about the dating rumors, even though their fans were curious about their favorite idol dating. But when asked about their relationship, Cindy refused to have anything with Lewis other than being "just friends."

Cindy Kimberly Going on Date With Tyga

Micheal Ray Stevenson, aka Tyga, is a known American rapper currently in a relationship with Kylie Jenner. Back in 2019, fans suspected that Kimberly and Tyga had dated. Kimberly is working with Tyga on a music video called "MAMACITA."

Following the gossip, Tyga and Kimberly were spotted on a date, headed into Beverly Hill's" La Scala restaurant, and even left together. Even though there were rumors about them dating, neither has ever conformed of them being together. 

Cindy Kimberly And Timothee Chalamet in Coachella

The stunning celebrity Cindy is said to be in connection with Timothee Chalamet. The talk began on April 19, 2022, when Timothee and Cindy were dancing on the same stage in Coachella. 

Cindy Kimberly and Timothee Chalamet were found kissing in Coachella.
Image Source: Twitter @Timothée Chalamet

Allegedly Kimberly and Bones and All actors were seen making out passionately. In a TikTok video shared by the fans, two people were exchanging kisses. Even so, the footage was blurry; the fans speculated them to be Cindy and Timothee as their dress was similar to the people kissing in the video.

When asked about the video in BFF's podcast, Cindy denied that they were kissing and continued saying they were just friends.

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