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Claire Foy's Plastic Surgery: Here's the Complete Story

bbk Published On Mon Jun 21 2021   Modified On Tue May 31 2022
Claire Foy's Plastic Surgery: Here's the Complete Story

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Do you remember the character of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix's drama series The Crown? The role was played by an English actress, theatre artist, and television personality, Claire Foy.

The 38-years old star is a millionaire whose net worth is estimated to be $4 million. She is one of the vast paid female artists, with more than $40,000 per episode.

Clarie was recently on hype as there were rumors about her plastic surgery. So, if you intend to grab the information on Claire Foy's cosmetic surgery, let's get to it.

Claire Foy's Plastic Surgery: Rumor or Reality?

What do you think about the speculation on The Crown star Clarie Foy's plastic surgery? Had she gone through it, or it's all just a rumor?

Claire Foy never had a plastic surgery.

Claire Foy never had plastic surgery.
Photo Source: IMDb

Let us tell you that Claire didn't go under the knife; we think so. What do we mean by that? Well, she went through some treatments for her eye tumor, which she faced during her teenage days. 

As per Claire, her condition wasn't that bad, and she did not need extensive surgery; however, there is a chance she went through some minor surgical treatment.  

All About Claire Foy's Eye Tumor

Talking about Claire Foy's eye tumor, most of her new fans might not know that about her, so let us tell you she had a tumor in one of her eyes when she was just seventeen. 

Luckily, the medical team spotted the lump in its initial stage, which helped treat the cancerous growth without any complications and extensive surgery.

During her treatment, the Netflix star was on steroids for about a year, which for sure affected her health. As noted by Page Six, due to the medication, Claire gained a lot of weight and resulting in having bad skin.

Claire Foy had an eye tumor at the age of seventeen.

Claire Foy had an eye tumor at the age of seventeen.
Photo Source: Instagram

In one of her interviews, the artist revealed that it would have ended her dream of being an actress. But ended up changing her perspective and helped her turn bold enough to pursue drama as her high school subject afterward. 

Claire Foys' Radical Transformation

We think it is safe to say Claire Foy never had cosmetic surgery. But, although she has never undergone the knife to enhance her beauty, she went through a radical transformation. 

If you are unaware of radical change, it is a special kind of temporary transformation actors goes through for a movie. Many actors in the past have gone through the process of making their characters fascinating.

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The Unsane's lead character went through radical transformation for her movie The Girl in the Spider's Web. But, according to Vogue, the makers wanted the star to look as natural as she could.

As per makeup artists, they applied moisturizer and foundations to Foy. Then the makeup team used red liquid stain blush so that they can mimic blood rushing through her face. 

Finally, Rosebud Slave balm was used every day on Foy's face to give a final touch. Besides, the beauticians used Kryolan paint on the actress's face to make her ready for the character.

Claire Foy: Marriage, Husband Divorce, Daughter, Boyfriend

Claire Foy was previously married to English actor Stephen Campbell Moore. The duo tied the knot in 2014 after dating for three years. 

After a year as a married couple, Clarie and her beau gave birth to their first child, Ivy Rose Moore, in 2015. They were doing quite well raising their baby girl; unfortunately, their marriage didn't go well. As a result, the spouses parted ways in 2018.

Claire Foy is in rumored relation with Matt Smith.Photo Source: IMDB

Claire Foy is in a rumored relationship with Matt Smith.
Photo Source: IMDB

After her divorce, Claire's fans suspect that Breathe's actress has a romantic connection with British star Matt Smith. They are often spotted together. The suspect turned into a confirmation after they were seen together in London. 

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There are rumors that Claire was pregnant. The speculations started after she was recently seen with a baby bump, but the words are not baseless. However, Matt is suspected to be the father of the kid.

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