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Home lifestyle Crystal Marie Denha Dating 20 Years Older Adam Carolla Who is Divorced

Crystal Marie Denha Dating 20 Years Older Adam Carolla Who is Divorced

terry Published On Wed Feb 15 2023   Modified On Wed Feb 15 2023
Crystal Marie Denha Dating 20 Years Older Adam Carolla Who is Divorced

Actress, comedian and television host Crystal Marie Denha is reportedly dating the radio personality Adam Carolla as per Page Six

It is been said that Adam Carolla and Crystal Marie Denha are now dating almost for eighteen months. Their age difference is 20 years as Carolla is 58 and Denhai is just 58. 

The duo has not shown any public display of affection yet and netizens are waiting for it to happen.

Carolla was previously married to his former wife Lynette Carolla for long nineteen years but they were separated in 2019 and officially divorced in 2021. 

When he broke the news of their divorce he said: 

'We're going to start the show with some sad personal news. Lynette and I are getting divorced... It's not something that I wanted to get or to do, I'm a product of divorce, Lynette's a product of divorceā€¦No one ever signs up to get divorced.'

Carolla said there was no reason for them to divorce but it was only a matter of different philosophies. 

Adam Carolla and Lynette Carolla have two kids together, twins (Natalia and Santino), a son, and a daughter who are currently studying at high school. 

Adam Carolla With His Twin Kids and Wife Lynette Calolla. Source:Lynette's Instagram

Lynette still wants her former husband to pay for spousal support and care for their kids. Regarding divorce, Lynette and Adam feel the same. 

Since Crystal Marie Denha and Adam Carolla both have not announced their relationship publicly, it might only be a rumor. It is also been said that Adam doesn't want to disclose the relationship because of his kids.

We have also checked their Instagram but there too, but there is no hint of their relationship. Denha is flaunting her personal relationships with lovely people and a touch of luxury in her social media profiles whereas Carolla is showing simple but meaningful posts in his profile.

This Valentine's Day too, Adam Carolla posted a photo of himself and his daughter and wished a Happy Valentine and the caption said he was a proud father. 

Crystal Denha is a very funny girl and in one of her standup comedies, she talked about dating a new guy and how women should get new men down and in control in the relationship. 

She talked about how Chris Pratt was just some chubby boy when he started dating and marrying Anna Faris. But Pratt started losing carbs and lifting weight, Denha jokes that she saw their divorce coming from miles away. 

Denha also talked about how she was dating a broke guy and she was the breadwinner. But when she wanted to be a power couple and help him start the company, her boyfriend started earning more than him and started talking back.

Her comedy has that meaning that women should not date very handsome guys or things will end in disaster. She even suggested putting the Nair in the boyfriend's shampoo so that they won't go anywhere with other girls. 

And just a coincidence, she is now rumored to date 58 years old divorced guy, who is not going anywhere leaving 38-year young girl. According to her own joke, she might have been dating Adam Carolla.

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