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Home health Denise Dillon Fox 5 Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Denise Dillon Fox 5 Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Bran Published On Thu Sep 24 2020   Modified On Mon May 30 2022
Denise Dillon Fox 5 Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Know all the struggles Fox 6 journalist Denise Dillon went through to lose weight right here.

Denise Dillon is quite a renowned figure in the sector of journalism as an integral part of Fox 5 for the past eight years. Her introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that she served as the anchor desk Saturday and Sunday Mornings on the network's top show, 'Good Day Atlanta.' 

Dillon's career in television is nothing short of exceptional since she gained vital experience at some top media houses like Fox and CNN. While she inspired many young athletes as a journalist and a correspondent, she didn't add her dramatic weight loss as yet another reason to make people look up to her. Know how the former guard did manage to achieve a personal milestone and drop so many pounds.

Denise Dillon's Weight Loss Success

Denise Dillon caught on the camera while cycling.

Denise Dillon has been a journalist for Fox 5 for the past eight years.
Photo Source: Facebook

Over the years, Denise Dillon was caught up with a lot of work, with her strong presence in front of the cameras or behind them to bring the news at Fox 5. Maybe it was due to her busy schedule that the television personality couldn't give much time to herself and her personal growth. The Fox 5 star, who was once an athlete herself, couldn't give enough attention to healthy eating habits, which resulted in her gaining a lot of weight.

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Denise Dillon, however, wasn't too caught up as she realized how she was getting chubbier day by day. Thus, it was one fine morning when she decided to put her head high and go on a mission to get slim again. For sure, she knew that it wasn't a piece of cake, but she acknowledged how with sheer determination and hard work, it's not impossible as well.

Denise Dillon in the studio of Fox 5.

Denise Dillon is a fitness trainer as well.
Photo Source: Facebook

Denise Dillon chose the simple approach, which was to cut down carbohydrates and fat and push more on light fruits and vegetables. As every weight loss enthusiast must know, going on a diet might not be enough to cut down on some pounds, Dillon also went through a regular and effective workout regime. As someone who loved playing tennis and was a personal trainer for several years, it wasn't as big a deal for Dillon as one might expect.

Denise Dillon's Personal Life Details

While Denise Dillon went through such a difficult journey to drop over ten pounds, she remains very grateful to her husband for being supportive throughout all the thick things. The married duo shares an adorable young daughter. In fact, it was following childbirth that she gained a significant amount of weight.

Denise Dillon poses at the studio of Fox 5.

Denise Dillon managed to lose weight after going on a diet.
Photo Source: Facebook

Talking more about the Fox 5 journalist's background, Denise Dillon spent most of her childhood in a small town in western New York with her parents. Later, in pursuit of her academic goals, the television reporter went to Syracuse University. Apart from work and fitness, she and her beau often run in global marathons as well. Surprisingly, she is a triathlete who completed three Ironman events that even comprised the World Championship in Hawaii. 

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