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Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Did She Really Lose Weight?

Kenshinpark Published On Sun Sep 20 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 07 2023
Jo Cooke Weight Loss: Did She Really Lose Weight?

Jo Cooke's has never spoken about her Weight loss but judging from her pictures she has successfully lost her weight. It's been said that she has lost 23 stones.

Jo Cooke is an English television personality known for working on the TLC show, 'Curvy Brides' Boutique. She and her best friend Alison Law are the heart of the show, who, along with the show, they run one of the most famous bridal boutiques in the country.

If you have watched their show, you know Jo and Alison openly refer to themselves, "fat girls." The duo has always been about accepting all body sizes, and that's why we love them so much.

Jo Cooke and Alison Law decided to set up their 'Curve and Couture' Boutique back in 2012 when they figured a massive gap in the market for brides with bigger body sizes. 

Alison said, 

"I got married in 1990 and was a plus size bride with no choice whatsoever but I blamed it on that day and age. Fast forward to 2012, I went dress shopping with someone who was a size 22 and was amazed at the lack of choice and comments of 'sorry but we have absolutely nothing in your size we’ll have to order in'. So I thought 'this is ridiculous I could do a better job than this'."

That's how their journey to cater to women of all sizes started. And given the facts they both were on the heavier side, it was just a matter of time the two would come up with this brilliant idea.

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But recently, something has changed for Jo Cooke; the reality television star has undergone a massive weight loss. 

Jo Cooke Lost Incredible Weight: Surprised Fans with Massive Weight Loss

If you go and check her latest pictures on her Instagram, Jo Cooke has undergone a massive weight loss. Well, she never spoke about it herself, but fans were quick to notice the change on her favorite person. 

jo cooke weight loss.
Jo Cooke seems trimmer than before; fans were quick to notice her weight loss.
Photo Source: Instagram

It's hard to tell how she lost weight but looking at her physique; it seems the star lost weight through dieting alone. Well, all people have the right to feel beautiful in whatever sizes they want to be in, but after a certain age, people start a risk of developing type 2 diabetes after their fifties.

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All we can say for now is, Jo Cooke must have consulted some doctors or experts, following which she was advised to lose weight. And as we can see how busy she is on her work, we don't think she could make time for hitting the gym, so it's kind of gets obvious she lost weight through dieting.

Fat Girls Running Campaign by Jo Cooke

Back in 2016, Jo Cooke started a 'Fat Girls Running' campaign for 'The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation' to help terminally ill brides and grooms. The story of the campaign was to improve fitness levels while having fun.

Likes of Cleo Cooke, Alison Law, Nic Moon, Jen O'Leary, Julie Hills, GInney Baines, Lizzy Swan, Lacey Paws, Jade Snook, Jade Leigh Ash, Sara Smith, Rachel McCourt, Amanda Coles, Emma Lynch, Craig Redbond, and Jackie Eastwood participated in the campaign to raise money.

jo cooke weight loss.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

The statement on the page read,

"So, after just 12 weeks of training, having all set our own personal goals (between 1km - 10km) we are running/walking/crawling to raise the awareness of, and as much money as we can for : 

The message further reads,

"This charity helps couples with terminal or life limiting illnesses, turn their dreams into reality and create memories for those they leave behind, by organising and funding their dream wedding."

So, as you can see, Jo Cooke always loved to keep her active while still having fun, of course. The campaign raised £4,858 of the target of £3,000 and was supported by 67 supporters.

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