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Drake Gets Frustrated Over His AI Generated Voice: Calls It "The Final Straw"

terry Published On Sun Apr 16 2023   Modified On Sun Apr 16 2023
Drake Gets Frustrated Over His AI Generated Voice: Calls It "The Final Straw"

AI-generated music has been making waves in the industry, but not all artists are happy. 

Recently, Drake took to Instagram to express his frustration with an AI-generated version of his voice rapping on Ice Spice's breakthrough song "Munch." The video went viral on social media, prompting Drake to write, "This is the final straw AI." 

Drake's complaint comes as Universal Music Group (UMG) requested streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to block AI companies from using copyrighted music. In an email to these platforms, UMG expressed concerns that certain AI services had been trained on copyrighted music without obtaining the required consent from those who own the songs. 

UMG warned that it would take steps to protect its rights and those of its artists. 

While AI-generated music can be entertaining and fascinating, it raises concerns about copyright infringement. As more AI-generated cover songs flood the internet, the question arises whether AI companies are stealing instrumental parts from original recordings, which is illegal and violates copyright laws. 

Veteran music and copyright lawyer Alexander Ross says that stealing a part of a recording and distributing it or communicating it with the public is grounds for infringement proceedings. 

The trend of AI-generated cover songs has become increasingly popular on platforms like TikTok, where an AI-generated cover of Drake singing "OMG" by K-Pop group NewJeans has 454,600 likes and 2.4 million views. Other celebrities like Rihanna have also been impersonated with AI-generated covers, such as a cover song using her voice to sing Beyoncé's "Cuff It." 

While the use of AI-generated music is a new and exciting technology, it is important to consider the potential implications on the music industry, particularly regarding copyright infringement. 

As UMG has warned, platforms and companies need to work together to prevent the unauthorized use of copyrighted music, protect the rights of artists and creators, and ensure that these new technologies are used in a way that benefits everyone involved. 

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