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Home lifestyle Eric Clapton's Wife in 2021: Details on His Marriage, Divorce, and Children

Eric Clapton's Wife in 2021: Details on His Marriage, Divorce, and Children

prazu Published On Thu Sep 09 2021   Modified On Sun Jul 31 2022
Eric Clapton's Wife in 2021: Details on His Marriage, Divorce, and Children

Grab All The Details On Eric Clapton's Wife And Children!!

Eric Clapton is a British singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is well-known for his compositions such as Sunshine of Your Love and Before You Accuse Me. His close relationship with The Yardbirds resulted in a successful score titled For Your love.

76-year-old artist associated with the band Cream allowed him to demonstrate his abilities as a multi-talented musician who can sing, write songs, and play the guitar. Further, he is the band Blind Faith's founder.

This renowned personality, who has won 17 Grammy Awards, has struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism. Following his recovery, he established the Crossroads Centre in the West Indies. It is effective in the rehabilitation of substance abusers. The estimated net worth of Clapton is around $450 million.

Eric Clapton's Married Life: Girlfriends, Wedding, Wife, Divorce 

Previously, Eric Clapton dated funk singer Betty Davis. However, their romance was short-lived. Later, in 1979, he tied the knot with his ex-wife Pattie Boyd, but his conflict and domestic violence destroyed the marriage. 

Eric Clapton with his wife, Melia McEnery.

Eric Clapton with his wife, Melia McEnery.
Photo Source: Smooth Radio

According to The Wealth Record, even though both Eric and Yvonne Kelly were married to different partners, Clapton and Kelly began to date. Back then, Kelly was the manager of AIR Studios Montserrat.

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Clapton and Kelly's affair gave birth to their daughter Ruth Kelly Clapton. They welcomed their baby girl in January 1985. Regardless of the fact, her life was kept private, and the media discovered she was Clapton and Kelly's child in 1991.

Eric Clapton with his late son, Conor Clapton

Clapton with his late son, Conor Clapton.
Photo Source: Daily Mail  

Talking about kids, Clapton and his former spouse Boyd tried expanding their family; however, they were unsuccessful. Their efforts were pointless due to miscarriages. However, Clapton's affair with Italian model Lory Del Santo gave birth to their son, Conor Clapton, on August 21, 1986. Clapton and Boyd divorced in 1989.

5' 10'' tall artist, then 53, soon began courting Melia McEnery, a 22-year-old administrative assistant, in 1998. After a year of courtship, their relationship became public in 1999. Eric and Melia shared their vows on January 1, 2002, at St Mary Magdalene Church in Clapton's hometown.

Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery Are Parents To Three Kids

Eric Clapton is the father of five kids from his different relationships. As mentioned earlier, with his girlfriend, Yvonne Kelly, he welcomed a daughter, Ruth Kelly Clapton. With her husband Dean Bartlet, Ruth is currently parents to their son, Clapton's grandson, Isaac Eric Owen Bartlett

Eric Clapton's wife with her friend and daughters.

Eric Clapton's wife with her friend and daughters.
Photo Source: Facts Ninja

Layla's singer was blessed with a son named Conor Clapton. Clapton, with his ex-girlfriend, Del Santo, gave birth to his baby boy. Unfortunately, on March 20, 1991, Conor died after he fell from an open bedroom window. To be more specific, he fell from the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building; he was only four-year-old then. After the tragedy, Clapton later dedicated a song, Tears in Heaven, to his late son. 

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By now, you already know Clapton is currently married to his better half, Melia McEnery. The duo expanded their family with three children, all baby girls. They named their daughters Julie Rose Clapton, Ella May Clapton, and Sophie Belle Clapton.

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