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Home lifestyle Is Michael Oher Married? Here's What You Should Know

Is Michael Oher Married? Here's What You Should Know

Parker Published On Thu Feb 04 2021   Modified On Thu May 26 2022
Is Michael Oher Married? Here's What You Should Know

Learn all the details of the marital status of the former American Football Offensive tackler Micheal Oher.

Former American Football offensive tackler Michael Oher played in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons, primarily with the Baltimore Ravens. Micheal was selected by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Besides his fame as a well-known Offensive tackler, Oher's personal life also draws the attention of the media and his followers alike. Many people are curious to know is he married at present, so we compiled the details of his relationship in the sections below.

Is Micheal Oher Married?

For years, even his most hardcore fans have had trouble finding who he is, his girlfriend, or even his wife. But, all these questions come to an end today.

Michael Oher, 35, is married and has a wife. It all came to flash when a drunken scandal came to flash. It happened when Michael allegedly attacked an Uber driver while he was drunk. According to the Uber driver, Oher told him to follow a car in which his wife was. 

Micheal Oher with his wife Tiffany Roy in a party

Micheal Oher with his wife, Tiffany Michelle Roy. 
Source: Instagram

Michael Oher is married to Tiffany Michelle Roy. Oher is married to Tiffany Roy, and the couple has been married for quite some time now.

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The couple has a son named Sean "SJ" Tuohy, Jr, but they have remained silent regarding their son’s other details. That’s another secret as Oher never talks about his wife and married life as well.

A Little About Micheal Oher's Career 

Michael Oher is one of the most famous athletes and celebrities around. Not just because of his NFL career but also because of how his life story “The Blind Side” became really famous.

Oher began playing for Baltimore Ravens back in 2009. After a couple of years, Oher signed a $20 million contract with Tennessee Titans that spanned four years. When his contract with Tennessee Titans expired, Oher joined Carolina Panthers for a two-year, $7 million contract.

Micheal Oher with his team mates

Micheal Oher with his teammates. 
Source: Instagram

In 2016, when Oher’s contract expired, the Panthers offered him another three-year contract worth $21 million with a signing bonus of $4 million. He holds a net worth of $16 million.

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Unfortunately, after a couple of matches, Oher became sidelined because of injuries. Later, Oher failed physical tests, after which Carolina Panthers let him go.

In 2022, Oher still remained unassociated with any NFL teams. Oher is out and about most of the time, travelling, hanging out with friends and helping charities.  

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