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Home lifestyle Who is Jalen Ramsey's New Girlfriend? Details of His Relationship Status and Dating History!

Who is Jalen Ramsey's New Girlfriend? Details of His Relationship Status and Dating History!

Bran Published On Wed Oct 07 2020   Modified On Wed Oct 07 2020
Who is Jalen Ramsey's New Girlfriend? Details of His Relationship Status and Dating History!

Jalen Ramsey is currently trending following his personal brawl with fellow NFL star Golden Tate. Know about his love life and girlfriend.

The number 20 of Los Angeles Rams, Jalen Ramsey, is one of the most talented stars in the NFL. Following an impressive college career in Florida State, he became the round 1, pick 5 of Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2016 NFL Draft. He signed with the Los Angeles Rams in 2019 and further got hands in a lucrative contract making him the highest-paid defensive back in the whole league.

Jalen Ramsey recently got into a bad brawl with Golden Tate, which got more hype than the actual match. The 25-year-old walked straight towards the New York Giants wide receiver and started swinging arms before going all at it. Getting into the details, the cause of their physical brawl was a personal reason since he dated Tate's sister in the past. Grab all the details about his romantic relationship and all his boyfriends.

Jalen Ramsey's Broken Love With Golden Tate  

Jalen Ramsey used to date Golden Tate's sister.

Jalen Ramset and his ex-girlfriend Breanne Tate share two children.
Photo Source: New York Post

The cause of Jalen Ramsey's ugly fight with Golden Tate was revealed later on in the media as the two footballers shared a bad history. While it wasn't particularly between them, it involved someone close to Tate, i.e., his sister Breanne Tate. The highest-paid defensive back in the league history was in an intimate romantic relationship with the Giants' actor's sister.

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Jalen Ramsey dated Breanne Tate for several years. In fact, the two got so close as they got intimate pretty soon. The love birds shared an adorable daughter named Bree Erin for the first time on 26 July 2018. He got his girlfriend pregnant again in September 2019, but they failed to sustain their relationship by childbirth. 

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The most horrible point was on how the NFL star Jalen Ramsey broke up when his former beau, Breanne Tate, was pregnant. Consequently, that was the main reason why he developed a personal rivalry with Golden, which got transparent in their showdown last weekend. 

Jalen Ramsey caught on the camera during an NFL game.

Jalen Ramsey broke up with Breanne Tate while she was pregnant.
Photo Source: USA Today

Ramsey's ex-girlfriend's brother, Golden Tate, was straight to the point in a 2019 tweet when he responded to a fan's comment saying on how he should have a word with Ramsey' for doing what he did to his little sister.

Jalen Ramsey: Dated Los Vegas Dancer

Break-ups are normal in any relationship, but the Rams star, Jalen Ramsey, didn't leave any mercy in his past relationship with Breanne Tate. Not just did he leave his ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant, but he also started dating another woman during the same period. He started being in a romantic relationship with Monica Giavanna, a Los Vegas dancer. The news of him dating the new girl went viral in no time, which started a separate fuss in the internet community. 

Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate caught on the camera fighting.

Jalen Ramsey dated a Los Vegas dancer, Monica Giavanna.
Photo Source: Fox News

There was no surprise that Jalen Ramsey had a lot of fan-following, mostly lady admirers who had a crush on him. Since he went official with the new girl, Giavanna, in October 2019, it was the point when his rivalry began with Golden Tate. Despite all the issues with his ex-girlfriend, he co-parents his two daughters and often posts pictures with them on his Instagram. 

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