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Home lifestyle Jane Fonda's Married Life: Details on Her Husband and Children

Jane Fonda's Married Life: Details on Her Husband and Children

bbk Published On Wed Aug 04 2021   Modified On Wed Aug 04 2021
Jane Fonda's Married Life: Details on Her Husband and Children

Learn All The Details Of Jane Fonda's Married Life and Her Husbands Here!

Jane Fonda, whose real name is Jane Seymour Fonda, is an American actress, former model, environmentalist, political activist, and philanthropist. As an actress, she has been honored with some of the prestigious awards in the world, including the Oscars, two times.

The 83-year-old actress movie actress was one of the highest-paid actresses of her time. Jane has a net worth of $200 million currently, and she demanded more than $3.5 million for a single movie in the 1990s. The fitness icon made $11 million by releasing her single workout video.

The Klute actress is one of the successful actresses of her era, but do you have any idea of her married life? We will be taking a deep look at Jane Fonda's married life and dating history on this page. Go through the article to get the information in brief.

What is Jane Fonda's Relationship Status in 2021?

Jane Fonda's relationship status is currently single. The mother of three, who was one of the first actresses to start the fitness culture, is married thrice in her lifetime. However, none of the marriages worked.

Jane Fonda is married thrice in her life.

Jane Fonda is married thrice in her life.
Photo Source: Dujour Magazine

The actress, who had multiple plastic surgeries throughout her life, has married some well-known personalities, including actors, authors, and famous businesspersons. The actress is single since 2001, and she has decided not to be in marital relationships.

Who has Jane Fonda Married?

According to Amo mama, Jane Fonda first married her ex-husband Roger Vadim in 1965. The actress married the film director and producer at 28, and her husband was ten years older than her.

Jane Fonda with her husband Roger.

Jane Fonda with her former husband Roger Vadim.
Photo Source: Nine

The former couple worked together in the movie Barbarella, which led the actress to gain stardom. The stars were married before working together on that film. In 1968, they welcomed their daughter Vanessa Vadim.

The partners separated legally five years after welcoming their first and only child together. Vadim, who was struggling with cancer for years, passed away in 2010.

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After three days from the divorce with Vadim, Jane tied the knot with Tom Hayden, politician and author, in 1973. According to reports, the actress was pregnant at her wedding, and the spouses shared their vows in an intimate ceremony.

The duo welcomed their son Troy Garity the same year they got married. The spouses also adopted a 14-year-old African-American girl named Mary Williams

Jane Fonda with her ex-husband Tom Hayden.

Jane Fonda with her ex-husband Tom Hayden.
Photo Source: PopSugar

Tom and Jane worked on a lot of campaigns related to civil war and protests against the wars. The actress became politically active after her second wedding.

The marriage lasted for seventeen years, and the couple decided to part ways in 1990. Fonda's ex-beau, Hayden, left the world in 2016.

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As noted by Nine, Fonda's third wedding was with the founder of CNN, Robert Edward Turner III, known as Ted Turner. They walked down the aisle in 1991. Ted is one of the well-known billionaires of the USA with a net worth of $2.3 billion

The duo divorced in 2001. Why? According to credible sources, the actress couldn't give time to her husband due to busy schedules, which eventually made them take a harsh decision. Ted and Jane had a $100 million divorce settlement. 

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