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Home health Jen Costa 500 Pounds Weight Loss - The Real Truth

Jen Costa 500 Pounds Weight Loss - The Real Truth

Heisenberg Published On Thu Jun 18 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 18 2020
Jen Costa 500 Pounds Weight Loss - The Real Truth

Grab all the details on the weight loss of Jen Costa.

Jen Costa, a 35-year-old woman from New York, is making headlines recently for her incredible 500 pounds of weight loss. The Queens Village resident shed such an astonishing amount in two years after doctors removed her cancerous tongue that made her unable to consume solid food.

Jen Costa gained 350 pounds over the course of over 15 years, measuring almost 650 pounds at her heaviest. How did she come to the point of acquiring the weight of such an enormous amount and also ultimately shed 150 pounds more than she gained? Let's find out.

It All Started When Jen Costa Met an Accident at the Age of 19

Jen Costa was not always a morbidly obese woman her whole life. Even though she was a little 'chubby' in her childhood, she was still physically active until the age of 19, when her life took a drastic turn. She was hit by a bus on the Northern State Parkway, the event which changed her forever. The accident caused the ligaments in her knee to snap.

Jen Costa had suffered an accident at the age of 19, leaving her unable to walk.

Jen Costa had suffered an accident at the age of 19, leaving her unable to walk.
Source: New York Post

For a year, Jen was unable to use her legs, the period in which she went into depression. The legs took time to heal, but the condition she was in made her emotionally stressed, and she began to seek comfort in eating.

'I used to be addicted to food. I abused the privilege to eat,' she told South West News Service, as mentioned in an article by the New York Post. 'After the car accident, I was completely bed-bound and ordered a takeaway every single day.'

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With no restriction in what she ate and how much she ate, along with no physical activity at all, Jen gained a whopping 350 pounds over the course of 15 years. And such weight gain made life extra difficult for her; she could not even stand in the shower to bathe! She used to ask a partner sponge-bathe her as she sat in a chair whenever she needed to clean herself.

And Another Big Change Came in Jen Costa's Life When She Got Diagnosed With Cancer

Jen Costa also indulged in smoking a narcotic 'angel dust,' which is also known as PCP. The product is a carcinogen, which she believes may be the cause of her cancer. 

In 2015, she sought help from doctors to relieve an aching mouth and a white lump on her tongue, which turned out to be cancerous. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma that had spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.

Jen Costa was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

Jen Costa was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.
Source: The Sun

But for the treatment of the tumor cells in Jen's neck, there was a certain factor as an obstacle. Her doctors told her that 'the radiation wouldn't get through to [her] neck because of all the fat.' All the excess fat from her years of weight gain was becoming a hindrance to the matter of her life and death. So, Jen Costa was determined to lose weight.

Jen needed to get her tongue removed for a forearm flap reconstruction to create a new tongue in place of the infected one. So she did undergo an operation to have that done, which took place in the summer of 2016 when she was 32, lasted 19 hours.

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The surgery left Jen unable to consume solid food along with no ability to taste and chew. She needed to be tube-fed for the rest of her life, which made her eat solely liquid food. Undergoing the diet of liquid shakes for two years, Jen Costa lost 500 pounds, which has completely transformed her body and appearance. And as she also broke her drug addiction, she nowadays looks a totally different person at present.

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