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Home health Jenna Johnson Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Bran Published On Fri Oct 30 2020   Modified On Wed May 25 2022
Jenna Johnson Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Jenna Johnson's pursuit of becoming one of the top dancers worldwide would have been impossible without her dramatic weight loss journey. Stay with us right here as we give you all the details regarding the hectic process.

It is known that wealthy Jenna Johnson is a reputed dancer and choreographer, courtesy of her appearances in the popular reality show 'Dancing with the Stars.' She got massive attention from a participant who first rose to fame when her moves and grooves in dancing helped her win her second season on the ABC show, alongside her partner, Adam Rippon. In recent times, the 28-year-old serves as the coach in the same show. She is married to Val Chmerkovskiy.

Being a part of the television world, especially as a dancer, puts immense pressure on Jenna Johnson, not just mentally but also physically. The talented ballroom dancer burnt the midnight oil with drastic lifestyle changes and an extremely positive mindset. The reason for shedding the weight was completely her decision, for her own wellbeing. Grab all the details right surrounding her weight loss story right here.

Jenna Johnson's Positive Mindset Helped Her Lose Weight

A before and after weight loss picture of Jenna Johnson.

Jenna Johnson believed in blocking the critics and embracing herself to help her be positive in losing weight.
Photo Source: Jenna Johnson Instagram

Many individuals struggle to cut down on their pounds despite repetitive attempts, causing more stress and anxiety instead. Interestingly, Jenna Johnson's weight loss journey was impressive enough to inspire her followers since it maintained a balance between physical and mental health. The answer was a simple change in mindset, as she disclosed in her Instagram post, 'Love your brain, love your Life.' Surprisingly, she got empowerment from a video from Dr. Daniel Amen, who was giving a pep talk on mental health. 

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Johnson posted a picture on her Instagram handle, which has over 787k followers. The before and after photos showed the immense transformation from her former self, which reflected the work she put in. She gave all the secrets away in her Instagram post, as the main formula for her success was nothing else but brain positivity. 

Jenna Johnson poses a picture in a white t-shirt,

Jenna Johnson started rising to fame in 2013 after finishing fourth on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'
Photo Source: Jenna Johnson Instagram

Johnson's inspiring weight loss journey meant one thing: how she decided to embrace herself for who she was and accepted her insecurities. Furthermore, Jenna could block the bullies and haters who always wanted to keep her down. With more work on her mental self, the artist could work out properly, without much pressure. 

Jenna Johnson's Special Diet Helped Her Lose Weight

All the weight loss enthusiasts know that one must keep control of their eating habits in order to lose weight. The DWTS star tried almost every combination of diets before finally finding the right one. In an interview with Women'sHealthMag, she said how she gained weight through a vegetarian diet. However, that played a pivotal role as she was so low in the iron and protein intake, which led her to push the latter into her plate again, which helped her to get thinner. 

Jenna Johnson in a pink dress poses a picture.

Jenna Johnson focused on more protein intake, which helped her to slim down.
Photo Source: Jenna Johnson Instagram

Slimming down wasn't something that occurred in a single day for Jenna Johnson, as the diva had to alter her entire diet for that. The Dancing With The Stars' coach went to the gym early in the morning to do some intense exercises to burn calories. She ate many eggs to start her busy day at breakfast, followed by chicken and green vegetables at lunch. Moreover, she put more protein on the dinner table and brown rice and broccoli. To top everything off, she always preferred having some dessert, mostly dark chocolates or almonds. 

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