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Home health Jill Zarin's Plastic Surgery: Find All the Details Here

Jill Zarin's Plastic Surgery: Find All the Details Here

bbk Published On Mon Apr 19 2021   Modified On Tue May 10 2022
Jill Zarin's Plastic Surgery: Find All the Details Here

Find all the details of Jill Zarin's plastic surgery here!

Jill Zarin is a wealthy American author, speaker, actress, and businessperson who got her fame after her role in the TV reality "The Real Housewives of New York City." She is married to Steven Shapiro and has a daughter named Ally Shapiro.

Zarin is also an author of many books, including 'Secrets of Jewish Mother.' She also owns Jill Zarin rugs, which has helped her enter a 20 Million dollar club. Lately, there have been rumors that the actress had undergone plastic surgery. Is it true? Let's find out.

Did Jill Zarin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jill Zarin had become the center of gossip after her Plastic surgery news. Many fans say that she had undergone plastic surgery, but Zarin denies this. Though she accepted the fact that she had breast reduction surgery in the year 2008 and also added that she would have made it public if she had had had any plastic surgery.

Pictures of Jill Zarin before and after plastic surgery.

Photo: Jill Zarin before and after Liquid filling
Source: 100 Plastic Surgery

Though Zarin denies undergoing plastic surgery, she accepts that she has undergone liquid facelifts every six months. If you don't know what a liquid facelift is, then it is the medical procedure to inject dermal fillers to reduce sagging and wrinkles. 

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Jill's liquid facelift was performed by Dr. Patricia Wexler. The cost of a liquid facelift costs around $1000 - $3000 per visit. After her liquid facelift, she said that it wasn't an easy process but was worth it. 

Furthermore, rumors were circulated that Zarin had got a nose job, but Jill confirms it to be natural. After her surgery, her wrinkles had disappeared, and her face looked fresh. However, she confirmed that she was looking fresh due to the less makeup she was using.

What Do Fans Have To Say About Jill Zarin's Plastic Surgery?

Though fans say that Jill Zarin had a nose job, she says that it is due to her makeup and gives credit to her makeup artist Jim Crawford. Crawford said that he put brown contouring makeup on her nose and thinned it out. 

Jill Zarin is believed to have undergone a nose job.

Jill Zarin is believed to have undergone a nose job.
Source: Instagram

Zarin says that she is happy with the results of her liquid facelift, and she won't rule out any plastic surgery options if it means maintaining her new preferred look. 

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These days Jill is busy with her business. She looks after her husband's business and owns her own company called Jill Zarin rugs. She is also active in different kinds of charity programs and is seen helping needy patients who suffer from different kinds of rare diseases.

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