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Johnny Stevens Tattoos - The Complete Details

Alizeh Published On Sun Jan 26 2020   Modified On Thu May 19 2022
Johnny Stevens Tattoos - The Complete Details

Johnny Stevens is a hyped star who broke out in 2019; he came to prominence with the American rock trio 'Highly Suspect,' consisting of his best friends, twins Ryan and Rich Meyer.

With the release of their first album, Mister Asylum, released in July, Brooklyn-based band 'Highly Suspect' Blazed through the media and upheaved their fan base like wildfire. Their debut album placed number two on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. 

Johnny Stevens arm tattoos 
Source: Reddit 

Rolling Stone Magazine claimed Stevens as the top "New Artist You Need to Know." Moreover, Stevens is one of the band members who is known to be the "babe" of the band since he is so good-looking. 

Cultivating his look, Stevens started getting tattoos to achieve his look. Let's look into what kind of and how many tattoos he's got.

Johnny Stevens Tattoos 

Johnny Stevens has got multiple tattoos inked all over his body. First off, the tattoo across his knuckles, MCID, is pretty prominent and meaningful to him. MCID stands for 'my crew is dope,' which is a nod to their bond.

Johnny Stevens has got multiple tattoos inked all over his body.

Johnny Stevens has got multiple tattoos inked all over his body.
Source: Pinterest

Right below his knuckles, the number 4130 is tattooed, which might be a meaningful one to him.

Next is his neck tattoo, which makes him look incredibly sexy — an eagle spreading its wings across his neck with roses on either side of it.

johnny looking up showing his tattoos

Johnny Stevens Neck tattoo 
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In the chest area, the singer has an anchor with a skeleton and wings guarding the anchor symbol right down his neck. 

stevens lying down in the couch flexing his tattoos.

Johnny stevens flexing his tattoos.
Source: Zimbio 

The millionaire Stevens also has a full sleeve tattoo on both his arms whose meaning he hasn't shared. In addition, he's got a tiger on his left hand, which is a symbol of power and strength.

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Below his chin, Johnny's got 'Live Free' tatted, which might be something he lives by. The singer has a downward-facing sword tatted on the left side of his face, which represents authority, protection, courage, strength, and power.

Johnny Stevens Girlfriend 

Johnny Stevens' got an immense female fan following; with the way he carries himself, he is a heartthrob for many women. So for them, a significant question would be whether he is single or not.

In the year 2017, rumor had it that Stevens was dating a girl named Kydids; they were speculated to be in a relationship tracking Kydid's Instagram posts. 

johnny kissing his speculated girlfriend

Johnny Stevens' rumored girlfriend 
Source: just richest 

However, the singer hasn't come out clean about his dating life, maybe to keep his female fan following consistent, or perhaps he likes to keep things low-key. Meanwhile, most of Stevens' lyrics hint at the rockstar's dated number of women since he always sings about his experiences. 

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The hard rock singer loves bringing his relationship issues and girlfriends, including his exes, into his art. Here are some examples of his hit singles 'Lydia' and 'Chicago,' which are both supposedly about his ex-lady love. Over the year, Stevens has maintained his person of a bad boy that girls can't get enough of. 

johnny in the middle with 2 of his members on either side of him in all black outfit

Highly Suspect band cover 
Source: BMI 

For now, Johnny says that they are enjoying their popularity as much as they can because at some point, "it's going to level out, and they will have to work harder to get past whatever plateau they stop at."

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