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Home lifestyle Who is Juju Smith-Schuster Girlfriend in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Who is Juju Smith-Schuster Girlfriend in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Heisenberg Published On Mon Dec 28 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 28 2020
Who is Juju Smith-Schuster Girlfriend in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Learn about the girlfriend and relationship status of the American football player Juju Smith-Schuster.

No one can deny the fact that Juju Smith-Schuster is one of the most talented wide receivers in the National Football League. The Pittsburgh Steelers player played college football for the USC Trojans football team of the University of Southern California, where he won the Rose Bowl championship in his junior year.

Since getting picked by the Steelers in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Juju Smith-Schuster's been making a tremendous impact in games of the team. While he sure is making big steps in his professional life, he's also making progress in his personal life. Below, we compiled some details of his girlfriend and relationship status, so you get to learn about his love life.

Who is Juju Smith-Schuster Girlfriend in 2020?

As of December 2020, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster is currently not in a relationship with anyone. And he seems fine with it; he is more focused on his games at present than get entangled in the complications of relationships. So far, he appears to enjoy his single life.

Juju Smith-Schuster alone holding a rose in the Valentine's day.

As of 2020, Juju Smith-Schuster is single.
Source: wtfoot

Despite the fact that Juju Smith-Schuster loves his single life, he was once indeed enjoying his relationship with a girl. There is no public information available on the name and personal details of Juju's former girlfriend as the Steelers wide receiver is pretty private about his relationships.

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Juju Smith-Schuster and his former girlfriend kept a pretty low profile when it came to their relationship. So much that no one even knew when they began dating and when they split up. Now, the only partner Juju's got is his dog Boujee. But it turns out even his pet Boujee's got a partner named Portia. So only he remains the one to find love. But he will find his significant other soon, no doubt about that.

Did Juju Smith-Schuster Date the Famous Adult-Film Star Mia Khalifa?

There were some rumors spreading across the Internet in 2017 that Juju Smith-Schuster was in a relationship with the well-known adult-film star Mia Khalifa. But are those rumors true? Turns out, all those claims were just rumors, and Juju Smith-Schuster and Mia Khalifa did not date at all.

In 2017, Juju Smith-Schuster was rumored to be dating Mia Khalifa.

In 2017, Juju Smith-Schuster was rumored to be dating Mia Khalifa.
Source: Hollywood Life

Football fans went wild in October 2017 when just a single tweet from Mia Khalifa on Juju Smith-Schuster's ongoing bicycle-saga at the time began to spread the rumors of the two dating. It all started when Juju took to Twitter to report that his bike had been stolen. At the time, he did not have a driver's license, and the bike was his only medium of transportation

Juju Smith-Schuster's story gained traction on Twitter, and soon, people began his bike search with the hashtag #TeamFindJuJusBike. And soon, 'Out of Bounds' co-host, Mia Khalifa also joined the trend and reached out to the Steelers wide receiver to let him know that he's her new favorite follow on Twitter.

'You are my new favorite follow on twitter 😭 @TeamJuJu #TeamFindJujusBike,' Mia Khalifa wrote on her Twitter account. And this threw the Internet into a frenzy.

But Juju Smith-Schuster was not fazed by the tweet. And he made it clear by quoting Mia Khalifa's tweet saying: 'Oh hell nah, I'm not fallin for this lol. I'm young not stupid 😂😂😂.' So it is crystal clear that they did not date at all. 

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