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Who Was Late Kirstie Alley Married to? Cheated on Bob Alley With John Travolta

Sea Published On Fri May 08 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 25 2023
Who Was Late Kirstie Alley Married to? Cheated on Bob Alley With John Travolta

If you think Kirstie Alley's supposed rumors because she was attracted to John Travolta and Patrick Swayze when she was married to Parker Stevenson was bad, there's something worse.

When she said she never pursued an affair with either of them, you gotta believe her. Especially considering she's learned her lesson with affairs before she even rode the fame bandwagon. Yes, she had a whole different story before she became an actress.

Kirstie Alley with her second husband Parker Stevenson.

Kirstie Alley was married to second husband Parker Stevenson for 14 years.
Photo Source: Rex Features

She isn't involved in so many projects these days than she used to be back in the day. But the 2012 book, 'The Art of Men', was a huge project for the 69-year-old, as she takes you back to all those times with all the men that the paper found to besmirch her & the men's lives. And they always found Alley's past to use against the men.

Married to High School Sweetheart Bob Alley, Who Was a Cousin

You'd think Kirstie Alley kept the last name of her first husband all her life as her life before an actress was not that clear in the early days. Only knowing the name of her first husband would make you think she actually used the name because that marriage was something big. Well, it kind of was.

'Cheers' & 'Look Who's Talking' star Kirstie Alley.

Her maiden name is also Alley.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Kirstie, who enjoys a massive net worth of $40 million, was born Kirstie Louise Alley on January 12, 1951, in Wichita, Kansas, and was married to Bob Alley in 1970. 

The two had met in high school as they dated for four years before marriage, and Mr. Alley even shared the name of Kirstie's father, Robert Alley

Kirstie & Bob were, in fact, distant cousins. The details of her husband were leaked by Gossip tabloid Star Magazine back in 2011, before the book was actually released.

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As the 'Star Trek II' star explains in her book, she worked in a sweatshop laundry when they got married and her then-husband was completing his veterinary education. After graduation, they moved to California as he became a partner in veterinary practice, but she wanted to pursue a thing in the acting world. She was young, so there was a lot of prospect in her back then.

If Only People Knew This Affair Was the Biggest One in Her Life & the Truest One

In her terms, she hit the beaches in her bikini and found out she loved flirting with boys she met on the beach because she felt bored with her life. In the midst of those days, a 24-year-old Kirstie was astounded by a blue-eyed pseudo cowboy with a "ripped body", who she referred to as Jake as her book.

As she writes, Jake leaned into her to give her "the most perfect, memorable kiss of my life." A few kisses later, she found out she wanted a divorce. She did not get to more bases with him before the divorce but admits she kind of cheated on Bob with him.

Kirstie Alley and John Travolta

In the case of Travolta, she almost ran away and married him but never cheated on her second husband.
Photo Source: Ron Galella, LTD., WireImage

"I screwed up the relationship [with Bob.] He had everything," she told Entertainment Tonight [via Starcasm and Hollywood Reporter]. "He was an amazing singer, he was handsome, he rode horses, he looked like the Marlboro Man, so I was sort of lost. I knew how worthless I was. We dated for four years before we were married. I was so immature. I thought I wanted to be married when I was 16, and I sort of stayed 16 through the whole marriage. When we moved to California, I was flirting with boys on skateboards. I sort of went crazy."

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"I sort of cheated," she continued.

 "I didn't have sex [with him] but I think it was worse when you fall in love with someone else, when you're with someone, and you're plotting, and you're planning. What I did do with Jake was I kissed him. And in my world, in Kirstie world, that meant I had to get a divorceā€¦ It took a long time [to forgive myself] because I was a horrible person, I destroyed my marriage."

Following the divorce in 1997, she and Jake moved in, but of course, it didn't last.

Believes Scientology Saved Her

The 'Cheers' actor had not yet become an actor during the divorce as her first acting work came in an episode of 'Quark' as an uncredited staff in 1978. But she wasn't too focused on that part of her career. As you might remember, her second acting work and her breakthrough came in 1982 with 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan'.

Kirstie Alley in 'Star Trek II: The Next Generation'.

Alley's breakthrough and the first movie was 'Star Trek II'.
Photo Source: Star Trek II

Following the divorce, she was mixing with the wrong group of people. She was young and found herself experimenting will illicit substances. She was not able to stop. She admitted to having a cocaine addiction as she felt she'd "wrecked everybody's life" and thus was getting depressed.

But then, somewhere along the way, Scientology found her. She became a member of the 'Church of Scientology' in 1979, after being raised a methodist, and went through their drug treatment program, 'Narconon'. She credits the program for solving her addiction problem. Of course, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are among some high-class celebrities recruited by the church.

Kirstie Alley in a scientology piece.

When the need comes, she will defend the church against anything.
Photo Source: Carnegie Mellon University Profiles

The actress has defended the church a bunch of times, but one thing she learned from her first marriage was that an affair is never right. Of course, she was infatuated to Patrick Swayze starting from their days in 'North and South' up until his unfortunate passing.

That began when she was still married to second husband Parker Stevenson, & Swayze was married to Lisa Niemi. But she says the two never pursued anything and never cheated on their respective spouses, despite the flames exploding on set as on-screen partners.

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As the matter with John Travolta, she defended him against the rumors that said he liked guys. And she's even called him "the greatest love of my life."

Former Affairs Sent Condolences on Her Demise

When Kirstie Alley died at the age of 71 due to colon cancer, her former husband Parker Stevenson showed some love and said:

"Dear Kirstie, I am so grateful for our years together and for the two incredibly beautiful children and now grandchildren that we have."

"You will be missed. With love, Parker,"

Even her fling actor John Travolta showed up to show some love for his Scientology friend by saying

"We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away," her children wrote, in a statement that did not specify what cancer she had, but said it was "only recently discovered". 

"As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother,"

Whatever the past of her relationship, it seems everybody who came into her life understood who she really was and loved her. Not all relationships are meant to be forever but she lived to experience some good ones.

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