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Home lifestyle Kurtis Conner Girlfriend in 2022: Here's Everything You Need to Know About His Dating Life

Kurtis Conner Girlfriend in 2022: Here's Everything You Need to Know About His Dating Life

Heisenberg Published On Tue Jan 12 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 30 2022
Kurtis Conner Girlfriend in 2022: Here's Everything You Need to Know About His Dating Life

Learn all the details on the girlfriend and relationship status of the Canadian comedian and YouTuber Kurtis Conner.

Canadian YouTuber and comedian Kurtis Conner is a very popular Internet celebrity in recent years. He is famous for his YouTube channel 'Kurtis Conner,' which has over 4.05 million subscribers. He is also a director, known for his works such as 'The NoSleep Podcast,' 'Hot Jokes: A Comedy Special,' and 'Bestie Picks Bae.' 

As a well-known YouTube star, Kurtis Conner often attracts a lot of attention from the media and fans alike. Rather than focusing on his YouTube content all the time, many people are also eager to know about his personal life. So below, we take a look at the details of his girlfriend and relationship status in order to learn about his love life.

Who is Kurtis Conner's Girlfriend in 2022?

As of January 2022, Kurtis Conner is in a relationship with Jenna Allard. They have been together for over six years now and are still going strong together. Though Jenna prefers to be out of the limelight most of the time, she often appears on social media posts of Kurtis Conner. 

Kurtis Conner is dating Jenna Allard in 2021.

Kurtis Conner is dating Jenna Allard in 2022.
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The love story between Kurtis and Jenna began in 2014 when they met for the first time through their mutual friend named Hannah Bingham. Hannah was Kurtis' friend on the vine, and she used to talk about a certain girl named Jenna, who lived in the same city as him. Hannah Bingham used to mention the name Jenna all the time and even used to say that she and Kurtis could be friends. 

Just a few months after the conversation, Hannah came to Toronto. She hung out with Kurtis and other friends after she arrived, and she also invited Jenna. They all met at the hotel Hannah and her friends were staying at, and there Jenna and Kurtis met for the first time.

'The first time I saw Jenna, I was like wow, holy sh**,' Kurtis recalls his first meeting with Jenna in one of his YouTube videos. 'Literally, I was pretty much in love with her like the second I saw her. She looked so cool and like pretty and like she was super nice when she first talked to me. Everything about her would just seem so incredible to me.'

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However, at the time, Kurtis Conner was dating someone else. But it did not matter to him as he was completely charmed by Jenna. They hung out all that day and exchanged numbers.

Kurtis Conner and Jenna Were Drawn to Each Other Since They First Met

The day after they hung out, Kurtis Conner realized that he'd forgotten his headband at Jenna's house. So he texted her about this, and she sent him a picture of her wearing the headband. Apparently, Jenna was also into Kurtis after they met for the first time.

Kurtis Conner and Jenna Allard met in 2014.

Kurtis Conner and Jenna Allard met in 2014.
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Conner went over to Jenna's house to pick up his headband. While he was there, he hung out with her and had a great time. Soon after that, he broke off the relationship with his then-girlfriend and decided to date Jenna instead.

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Kurtis and Jenna began dating. For their first date, they went to an annual summer fair in Toronto. They got really drunk at the fair and rode a few amusement park rides. That's when they connected with each other and fell in love. They have been together ever since and are currently going strong with their committed relationship.

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