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Home lifestyle Who is Larry Birkhead Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Who is Larry Birkhead Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Heisenberg Published On Mon Feb 08 2021   Modified On Mon Aug 01 2022
Who is Larry Birkhead Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Learn all the details of the relationship status and wife of the actor and celebrity photographer Larry Birkhead.

Larry Birkhead came into prominence for the first time in the 2000s as the former love interest of the late American Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. He is a well-known celebrity photographer whose work has appeared in several publications, billboards, and television.

As an actor, Larry Birkhead, who enjoys a net worth of $3 million, has featured in the television series 'Hopelessly in Love' in 2020. He's also made appearances in other shows such as 'MADtv' in 1995 and 'Entertainment Tonight' in 1981. Apart from his professional life, many people are also interested to learn about his personal life. So, we take a look at the details of his wife and relationship status in the sections below.

Who is Larry Birkhead's Wife?

As of 2022, Larry Birkhead is not married. He is single at present and is raising his daughter Dannielynn Birkhead solely as a single dad all those years. Apparently, Larry does not seem to be in a relationship at present, but we do not know for sure because he keeps a low profile considering his love life.

Larry Birkhead used to date the Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

Larry Birkhead used to date the Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. 
Source: Courier-Journal

Larry Birkhead used to be in a relationship with the late model, actress, and television personality Anna Nicole Smith. They met for the first time while attending the major Louisville-area Kentucky Derby party known as the Trish Barnstable Brown Gala in May 2004.

Anna and Larry dated for some time, and during their relationship, the model gave birth to their daughter Dannielynn. She was born on September 7, 2006, in Nassau, Bahamas. After Dannielynn's birth, many other men claimed her to be their child, some of whom included Howard K. SternMark HattenFrederic Prinz von Anhalt, and Alexander Denk, Anna's former bodyguard.

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Larry Birkhead's former lover Anna Nicole passed away on February 8, 2007, in Hollywood, Florida, at the age of 39. A custody battle ensued after her death between different men and Larry for Dannielynn. But after a DNA test proved he was the father, Larry got to raise his daughter. 

A Little Information on the Personal Life of Larry Birkhead

Larry Birkhead was born on January 22, 1973, in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents Larry L. Birkhead and Nancy Birkhead raised him in Louisville, Kentucky. There, he graduated from Louisville's Doss High School in 1991. He has a twin brother, Lewis, a sister, Angela, and a half-sister named Judy Birkhead.

Larry Birkhead with his daughter Dannielynn Birkhead.

Larry Birkhead was born in Louisville, Kentucky.
Source: AmoMama

Larry Birkhead attended the University of Louisville, where he studied journalism as his major. He graduated from the university in 1996. In 2012, Larry began working with Guessand his daughter Dannielynn started to model for the brand. Larry and Dannielynn lived in Burbank, California, for many years, but today they have been living in rural Kentucky near his hometown.

Larry Birkhead Remembers Anna Nicole Smith 15 Years After Her Death - Heartfelt Instagram's Post 

By now, it's all clear that Larry Birkhead was deeply in love with Anna Nicole Smith. Obviously, her passing was a tragedy, and without a doubt, Larry was hurt badly. 

Anna passed away on February 8, 2007. Her demise left a deep wound in Larry's heart, and the pain still lives within him with a scar. Thus, Larry recently wrote about Anna and shared how he feels on her fifteen death anniversary, as noted by People

Larry Birkhead was deeply in love with Anna Nicole Smith.Photo Source: Instagram

Larry Birkhead was deeply in love with Anna Nicole Smith.
Photo Source: Instagram

Larry uploaded a picture that featured Anna and added a caption, 

"Still remembering this one 15 years after her death. She was truly one of a kind. She struggled for love and acceptance." 

He added, 

"Just when she found a little piece of one or the other, life seemed to sabotage. 
Today, I remember your heart, your soul and your beauty, both inside and out. Your love is alive still to this day, in the form of a truly one of a kind teenager with her Mom's smile, beauty and courage. Thanks to Anna's fans for helping keep her memory alive. We love you Anna Nicole." 

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