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Leah Remini Plastic Surgery: Here's What You Should Know

Heisenberg Published On Thu Feb 11 2021   Modified On Thu Jun 09 2022
Leah Remini Plastic Surgery: Here's What You Should Know

Learn all the details you need to know about the plastic surgery of the actress Leah Remini.

Leah Remini is widely recognized for her role of 'Carrie Heffernan' on the long-running CBS sitcom 'The King of Queens.' She is also well-known for portraying 'Vanessa Celluci' in the CBS sitcom 'Kevin Can Wait,' playing alongside Kevin James. Besides, she's also appeared in several other shows and movies in her career.

As a well-known personality, Leah Remini's personal life often falls under the radar of the media and the fans alike. Lately, there's been some rumors around that claim the actress underwent plastic surgery. Are those gossips true? Let's find out.

Did Leah Remini Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Despite all the claims that people put on her, actress Leah Remini has not gone under the knife ever in her life to modify her looks. Most of the plastic-surgery rumors have to do with the fact that Leah Remini has succeeded in maintaining her youth even at the age of 50.

Leah Remini claims she's never had plastic surgery.

Leah Remini claims she's never had plastic surgery.
Source: USA Today

Recently, Leah Remini had been receiving a lot of online criticism for receiving a botched plastic surgery. She clarified the fact that she'd never had plastic surgery ever, in response to a negative remark from a Twitter user.

A Twitter user had made a tweet saying,' Wow! @LeahRemini's face can barely move,' trying to imply that the actress underwent cosmetic modifications, and it failed. But Leah Remini was quick to respond to it, denying she never had any surgery to look younger.

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'I haven’t had plastic surgery yet, but the fact that you noticed my face isn’t moving means my Botox has lasted all this time, I see that as a positive,' she replied in response to the tweet. 'By the way, I hope you have a great day despite your nasty ass comment.'

Leah Remini Has Admitted to Using Botox to Look Younger

Many believe cosmetic modifications do play a part in Leah Remini's looks, and to some extent, it is true. She's admitted to using Botox and other filters to minimize wrinkles on her face. But she's not yet performed surgical procedures to maintain her relatively youthful appearance.

Leah Remini has used Botox extensively to minimize wrinkles on her face.

Leah Remini has used Botox extensively to minimize wrinkles on her face.
Source: The Today Show

Leah Remini previously used to have faith in Scientology. In 2018, she'd appeared in an episode of 'Scientology and the Aftermath,' and many took a dig at her wrinkle-free face. 

'Are the Scientologists also responsible for Leah Remini’s plastic surgery and collagen implants?' a viewer of the series wrote. '@LeahRemini good for you for leaving that #scientology #cult, but what’s up with all that plastic surgery? You look plastic.'

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'Lol. I have had no plastic surgery, but thank you for thinking that,' Leah Remini replied, as per Life and Style Magazine. 'I will Botox the hell [out] of it until I do need a real facelift, though!'

With that being said, let us tell you that Leah enjoys a massive net worth of $25 million. Yes, she is a multi-millionaire figure.

Leah is the mother of her daughter, Sofia Bella Pagan. As of 2022, her baby girl is 17-year-old. Similarly, she is married to her husband, Angelo Pagan.

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