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Home lifestyle Maisie Williams' Boyfriend in 2021 - Details on Her Dating History Here

Maisie Williams' Boyfriend in 2021 - Details on Her Dating History Here

Parker Published On Sun Jun 06 2021   Modified On Sun Jun 06 2021
Maisie Williams' Boyfriend in 2021 - Details on Her Dating History Here

Grab All The Information Regarding Maisie Williams' Boyfriend Reuben Selby.

Margaret Constance Williams, aka Maisie Williams, is an actress from the United Kingdom who is famous for her appearance as the lead character in the drama series Game of Thrones. During the serial run time from 2011 to 2019, Maisie won several awards and attained international recognition.

Born on April 15, 1997, in Bristol in the United Kingdom, Maisie is the daughter of Hilary Pitt Frances, who used to work in a University. Though she was born in Bristol, she was grown and raised in Somerset, England. Williams studied at Norton Hill School, then after that at the Bath Dance College.

While Maisie has kept her personal life under wraps for the past few years, the star recently came forward with her newest relationship. So naturally, her fans are eager to know about her love life, about her boyfriend. Below we have gathered information regarding it.

Who is Maisie Williams' Boyfriend in 2021? 

Game of Thrones actress Maisie William is currently in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Reuben Selby, an English model and fashion designer. The couple started dating in 2019, and till now, their bonding still goes strong. There is no news regarding their fights or misunderstanding.

Game of Thrones actress Maisie William is in relationship with Reuben Selby.

Maisie Williams is in a relationship with Reuben Selby.
Photo Source: Instagram

The love birds met in 2018 when Selby started working for Willimas to launch an app for the young actress, the Daisy app. However, fashion is the thing that brought the two closer together. In 2019, when Williams enlisted Selby to make her a custom dress for the Emmy Awards, the pair held hands throughout Paris Fashion Week.

Maisie and Selby are also known for their coordinated outfits. The couple has their brand created with the concept to allow them to be comfortable and subsequently reflect their true personalities. 

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Although both of them have different careers, Maisie ad Rueben supports each other's professions and strive to collaborate on each other's projects. 

The duo's presence on social media and at fashion events is famous. Since both of them love and care for one another, they might tie the knot and be together forever in the future.

Who Is Maisie Williams's Boyfriend Rueben Selby?

While Maisie Williams is known for her unique fashion choices on the red carpets, her boyfriend Rueben Selby is known for his fashion-filled resume. The fashion designer is the owner of The Contact Agency, his modeling agency, and co-founder of Cortex Creatives, a creative agency.

Maisie William boyfriend Rueben Selby is the Owner of Contact Agency, his modeling agency, and co-founder of Cortex Creatives, a creative agency.

Maisie William with her boyfriend Rueben Selby.
Photo Source: Instagram

Selby has dipped his hands into almost everything. During an interview with Dazed in 2018, the entrepreneur said that "he has gone down a bit more of a fashion route because he has worked with designers casting for shows and for magazine editorials and his own editorials too." In addition, he has even assisted a lot of fashion photographers, stylists, and casting directors.

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Although the pair have not officially come out, their many appearances together solidified their romance. Talking about one of their appearances, both of them appeared together at Maisie GOT co-actor Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's wedding in matching all-white outfits.

Maisie Williams Past Relationships

Before Reuben Selby, the 24-year-old actress was in a relationship with Ollie Jackson, a British racing driver. When and where both met is still unknown; however, she was serious about her former partner Ollie at that time.

Maisie Williams with her ex-boyfriend Ollie Jackson, a british car racer.

Maisie William with her ex-boyfriend Ollie Jackson.
Photo Source: Popsugar

In 2018, Williams told Elle UK that Ollie is the one with whom she can hang out and who is also a friend and a boyfriend. Before both of them split, they reportedly lived together in London. Though the pair never officially announced their split, they stopped appearing on each other's social media accounts.

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